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MN Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan


Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan has joined the attack on parents who don’t tow the radical Democrat party talking points.

Flanagan made the remarks at an event where MN Governor Tim Walz signed an executive order to force state agencies to protect “gender-affirming” health care.

In the remarks, Flanagan implied that “good” parents go along with radical transgender intervention. Her implication seems to be that parents, who want to protect children from the devastating life-long consequences of body altering surgery and drugs, are bad parents.

Flanagan, wearing a “Protect Trans Kids” t-shirt with violent imagery on it, told the crowd, “Because let’s be clear….this is life-affirming and life-saving healthcare. When our children tell us who they are, it is our job as grown-ups to listen and to believe them. That’s what it means to be a good parent.”

Image: @Pinkagogogirl/Twitter


Parents should defer to children, children who are brainwashed and pressured in schools.

Chris Beck, a combat veteran with 13 deployments, came out as the first Trans soldier.

In an interview with Robby Starbuck he shared the devastating impact it had on his life and hoped to warn the children who could be harmed next.


1. It’s the duty of adults to PROTECT children. Sacrificing their minds & bodies to the gender cult is vile abuse
2. Mass gender confusion is not coming from children but the twisted culture adults impose on them
3. We don’t give diet pills and lap bands to anemic anorexic girls

— Stephen Miller (@StephenM) March 16, 2023

Sometimes when you listen to your child you tell them, “No, sweetie, that’s incorrect.”

“The moon is not made of cheese. There is no one inside the TV. You are a girl, not a boy, and it’s wonderful that you are.”

— Area Man (@lheal) March 16, 2023

No. Our job as grown-ups is to protect our children from harm… which often comes from their lack of understanding and experience in the world. Good parents will keep their children safe from people like this.

— Douglas Karr (@douglaskarr) March 16, 2023

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