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President Trump responded to attorney Robert Costello’s testimony in front of the New York Grand Jury yesterday.  Highly respected Costello destroyed disbarred Cohen.

President Trump shared in a Truth last night that attorney Robert Costello put disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen “out to dry”.  Costello is “highly respected”, Cohen sadly is not.

President Trump also shared that Costello “told the TRUTH, with papers, documents, and backup. He left ZERO doubt.”

The President finished by saying that “THE D.A. WILL DO THE RIGHT THING”.

It is being said that disbarred lawyer Michael Cohen was put out to dry today after his highly respected former attorney and legal adviser, Robert Costello, made a great impression not only on the D.A.’s Office, but the grand jury itself. He is known to be a great lawyer and highly honorable man. He stated to the media that he could no longer listen to the lies that Cohen was spreading. He told the TRUTH, with papers, documents, and backup. He left ZERO doubt.THE D.A. WILL DO THE RIGHT THING!

President Trump also shared in a video sharing that the four far-left investigations of President Trump are just the continuation of the most disgusting witch hunt in the history of our country.

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