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If there ever was an example of globalists and the uniparty in action, it’s this one.   President George W. Bush celebrated 20 years of his PEPFAR program with fellow globalists Nancy Pelosi, Tony Blinkin and Bill Gates.  

GW Bush is proud of his work with PEPFAR.  The fact that Nancy Pelosi, Tony Blinkin and Bill Gates are too, should tell you something.

PEPFAR describes itself as follows:

Since PEPFAR’s inception in 2003, the U.S. government has invested over $100 billion in the global HIV/AIDS response, saving over 20 million lives, preventing millions of HIV infections, and supporting several countries to achieve HIV epidemic control, all while significantly strengthening global economic security.

The program leverages the power of partnerships across multiple sectors, reaches the populations that are most affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic with innovative solutions that meet their needs, ensures that every dollar is optimally focused for impact through data-driven policies, and supports partner countries to do the same.

PEPFAR is managed and overseen by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Health Diplomacy and implemented by seven U.S. government departments and agencies, leveraging the power of a whole-of-government approach to controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Back in April of 2020 while COVID fear was taking over the world based on faulty information on its mortality rates, world leaders in the medical community were pushing for backward mandates that didn’t prevent COVID from spreading but did destroy families, incomes and small businesses.  When smaller countries implemented these insane mandates, people died.

It was at this point in time that TGP reported on the faulty information on COVID and the connections those pushing these narratives had over the past few decades.  PEPFAR was one organization that was uncovered.

At that time we realized that the Clinton Foundation was knee-deep in the coronavirus crisis due to its many connections with the Gates Foundation, PEPFAR and the WHO.  (Not surprisingly Twitter took down the tweets supporting the story and the account is still to this day suspended.)

Interesting: Researchers Reveal Clinton Foundation is Linked to the WHO, PEPFAR, the Gates Foundation and the Global Fund

In addition to the Clinton Foundation connection, the failed doctor of COVID fame, Dr. Deborah Birx served as the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, implementing PEPFAR programs around the world.

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Birx’s Connections with the Clinton Foundation and Obama Unfortunately Indicate Conflicted Loyalties

PEPFAR claims to have saved 20 million lives around the world.  But based on the individuals involved in the venture, who really knows?

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