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Police in Georgia are praising an ordinary citizen who shot and killed a man they say stabbed three women at an apartment complex over the weekend.

After a suspect went on a violent spree on Saturday while armed with a knife, a good Samaritan named Josh Dobbs shot the man with a lawfully-owned handgun.

WAGA-TV spoke to police and Dobbs after a man who has not yet been named went on a stabbing spree at the Hidden Lake Apartments in Union City near Atlanta.

Dobbs heard a commotion, saw a man stabbing a woman and opened fire. In a statement to the FOX affiliate, police said they were initially confused by the crime scene.

“Officers responded to that location where they observed a female lying outside in between cars who had also been stabbed, as well as two subjects behind the apartment,” police said in a statement.

“One had been stabbed, and it appeared the other one had been shot,” the statement added.

The person who was shot ended up being the perpetrator of a series of violent crimes, they said. It is believed the stabbings began amid a domestic dispute.

Dobbs’ heroic actions ended a spree that could have continued.

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“As the male subject was assaulting these female subjects with the knife, an onlooker saw the assault taking place,” Captain Prentice Brooks told the outlet. “He stepped up and stopped the threat. He did shoot the suspect.”

“We actually commend him for what he did and stepping up,” Brooks added.

Dobbs told WAGA-TV that standing by while a woman was so savagely attacked was not an option for him.

“I have a daughter, and I have a lot of respect for females and everything, so I was just doing the right thing and stepping up,” Dobbs said.

He added, ”I just couldn’t sit there and watch and hear what was going on.”

Sadly, one of the three women who were stabbed died from her injuries. Her alleged killer is also dead, thanks to Dobbs.

Contrary to what so many people who are opposed to gun rights might believe, Dobbs accurately embodies the majority of law-abiding gun owners.

No reasonable, rational armed citizen ever hopes a day will come when they are forced to use their weapon on another human being.

But when the time comes, they take actions that are necessary to preserve life — even if that means taking it.

The world is always in need of competent, well-meaning and responsible people who are ready to intervene to protect the innocent.

Having the ability to defend yourself, those you care about or even total strangers in distress is a fundamental right in our society.

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