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Trump’s lawyers late Wednesday weighed in on the crazy Georgia special grand jury forewoman who went on a media tour this week.

Last week a Fulton County judge ordered parts of the grand jury report in the garbage Trump 2020 election investigation to be released as the prosecutor considers charges against Trump and his allies.

The grand jury concluded that “one or more witnesses” lied under oath and recommended perjury indictments.

“A majority of the Grand Jury believes that perjury may have been committed by one or more witnesses testifying before it,” the report said.

The forewoman of the jury, Emily Kohrs, did a series of disastrous media interviews on Tuesday.

She sounded like a 14-year-old child as she giggled about the possible indictments against Trump.

“I will be sad” if the DA decides against bringing charges against Trump, Kohrs said to CNN.


Georgia grand jury foreperson: “I will be sad” if the DA decides against bringing charges against Trump … I will be frustrated if nothing happens.”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) February 22, 2023

Trump’s lawyers said Kohrs “poisoned” potential jurors if a regular grand jury were to decide to issue indictments.

The New York Times reported:

Lawyers for former President Donald J. Trump said late Wednesday that details divulged this week by the forewoman of a special grand jury investigating election interference by Mr. Trump and his allies had “poisoned” the Georgia inquiry.

As of Thursday morning, however, the two lawyers had not filed any motions in court challenging the inquiry. Nor would they discuss what form such a challenge might take, saying only that they were weighing their options. “We’re just considering everything,” one of the lawyers, Drew Findling, said.

Mr. Findling said that by hinting that the jury had recommended a number of indictments, Ms. Kohrs had “poisoned” the pool of potential jurors for a regular grand jury that could eventually decide whether to issue criminal indictments.

“If, let’s say, there is a recommendation to go to a grand jury,” he said, “all potential grand juries in this part of the country that listen to a radio, read a newspaper, watch TV, go online, look at the news alerts on their phone, are now reading about the deliberations or what could be interpreted as the deliberations of that grand jury.”

Mr. Trump himself blasted Ms. Kohrs on Truth Social on Wednesday for “doing a Media Tour revealing, incredibly, the Grand Jury’s inner workings & thoughts.”

Among the Trump lawyers’ criticisms of the investigation was Ms. Kohrs’s public comment that jurors had discussed media coverage of the case. “They were permitted during the course of seven months to read your newspaper, to read the local newspaper, to watch the news, to go on the internet and apparently even able to bring those sources of material into the four corners of the grand jury room?” Mr. Findling said. “What kind of reliable body is that?”

Lawyers for the Republican witnesses are preparing to quash any possible indictments after the Georgia grand jury forewoman went on a crazy media tour.

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