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Biden Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has sent a strongly worded letter to the Norfolk Southern Railway, which is responsible for the disaster unfolding in Ohio.

Naturally, the letter includes an attempt to blame the Trump administration for situation.

This incident has shown Buttigieg for the useless figure he really is. It’s amazing how little is being done to help the people of this community.

ABC News reports:

Ohio train derailment: Buttigieg pens sharply worded letter to Norfolk Southern Railway

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has called out the rail operator at the center of a hazardous train derailment in Ohio.

In a sharply worded, three-page letter sent Sunday to Norfolk Southern Railway president and CEO Alan Shaw, Buttigieg accused the Atlanta-based company of repeatedly prioritizing profit over safety — a problematic ethos within the larger transportation industry that the secretary said has contributed to a number of derailments over the years.

“The derailment of a Norfolk Southern train carrying hazardous materials near East Palestine, Ohio, has upended the lives of numerous residents, many of whom continue to worry about their immediate health and safety as well as the long-term effects of the dangerous materials released near their homes,” Buttigieg said. “They fear for their future, as do thousands of American communities and neighborhoods that sit along railway lines.”…

“Rather than support these efforts to improve rail safety, Norfolk Southern and other rail companies spent millions of dollars in the courts and lobbying members of Congress to oppose common-sense safety regulations, stopping some entirely and reducing the scope of others,” Buttigieg said, specifically noting the Trump administration’s repeal of a 2015 rule that mandated the use of electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brakes on train cars.

So pathetic.

You gotta love the framing.

— Joe Concha (@JoeConchaTV) February 20, 2023

“Sharply worded letter.”

— RockyMtnRenegade (@MagnumO28311564) February 20, 2023

They always get around to framing/blaming Trump. It’s ridiculous they can’t take the situation…as it is…& do something about it. Either taking responsibility for some of their own self inflicted issues/decisions/disasters…or just helping where no one is particularly at fault.

— Dr. Jackie (@Dr_J_Whitehead) February 20, 2023

This administration is a sad joke.

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