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Pennsylvania’s new Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro says he will reject any suggestions that Senator John Fetterman should resign, even though it is now obvious to everyone that Fetterman is not capable of holding the position.

Fetterman is now in the hospital for depression and could be absent for weeks. It is the second time he has been hospitalized since he was sworn in in January.

Of course, it would not be up to Shapiro to decide if Fetterman should resign, but as governor of the state and a fellow Democrat, his opinion would carry weight with Pennsylvania voters and the media.

Newsmax reports:

Pa. Gov. Shapiro Says He’ll Reject Calls for Sen. Fetterman to Resign

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro says he hasn’t gotten any pressure from Democrats to urge Sen. John Fetterman to step down after he checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Center to receive treatment for clinical depression, but if he does get any calls, he will dismiss them “immediately.”

“He’s going to get the help that he needs … and do a great job for the people of Pennsylvania as their senator for a long time,” Shapiro told The Philadelphia Inquirer about the first-term Democrat senator.

Shapiro, also a Democrat, said he expects Fetterman to come back “stronger than ever” after his hospitalization, and that he is “really inspired” by Fetterman’s courage for going public with his mental health struggles and for getting help.

Fetterman, a former lieutenant governor from Pennsylvania, checked himself into the hospital after his issues with depression, which he’s had all his life, became worse.

The senator also went to the hospital on Feb. 8 after he felt light-headed, and stayed two nights. Last week, Fetterman returned to the Senate for votes, but last Wednesday checked himself into Walter Reed for voluntary treatment for clinical depression.

You have to give Democrats credit for one thing. They sure do stick together.

“Gov. Josh Shapiro expects John Fetterman to return to U.S. Senate ‘stronger than ever’ after hospitalization for clinical depression”

— Josh Kraushaar (@JoshKraushaar) February 23, 2023

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro says he will resist any attempt to get Sen. John Fetterman to resign over his health challenges, betting the fellow Democrat will make a full recovery after treatment for depression.

— The Washington Times (@WashTimes) February 23, 2023

John Fetterman should resign. Democrats and the media covered up the seriousness of his problems and said he was fit to serve. He clearly is not.

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