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Nothing like the prospect of dead Jews to get a bunch of Pro-Palestinian protesters to chant, “God is Great!”

Pro-Palestinian protesters cheer the news that missiles are in the skies heading towards Israel.

It was never about “peace” with this bunch.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

Pro-Palestinian activists cheered Iran for launching suicide drones at Israel during a Saturday march in Toronto, according to video by lawyer Carmya Sa’d.

During the Eid Unity March in downtown Toronto, a protest leader interrupted the demonstration to announce that “The Islamic republic of Iran has just sent tens of drones towards Israel!”

The crowd erupted in celebration, and the protest leader led them in shouts of “Allahu Akbar!”

“This has come as a direct response to the bombing of Israel to Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Israel has bombed multiple countries,” said the protest leader.

Thornhill MP Melissa Lantsman said that the display showed that “It was never about a ceasefire.”

Protesters react to breaking news of Iran launching drones at Israel in retaliatory attack for a strike which killed a top Iranian commander.#cdnpoli #Toronto #Palestine #Israel #Gaza #ProtestMania

— Caryma Sa’d – Lawyer + Political Satirist (@CarymaRules) April 13, 2024

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