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An Indianapolis family defended transgendering children in a recent segment on WRTV.

The mother, Beth Clawson, said she knew her baby was trans before the little boy could even talk.

She defended herself by adding that her baby boy would do things like “wear her sister‘s clothes, pretend that towels her long hair.” So they started transitioning their child who is now only 10 years old.

The child shows news reporters clippings about “you’re making history” and pride festivals on her bedroom wall.

The father said, “A lot of that was happening before she had a ton of words.”

Did you just actually say – “transgender before she could even speak.”

Sick, sick people.

Parents defend child transitions on PBS: Transgender ‘before she could even speak’ #FoxNews

— Catturd (@catturd2) March 5, 2023

FOX News reported:

“PBS Newshour” featured a defense on transgender children and their parents’ support for various gender care treatments including puberty blockers while attacking legislation against them on Wednesday.

Host Amna Nawaz opened the segment noting that “at least 150 bills” filed by Republicans that “target” transgender Americans and restricts doctors from “offering transition related health care for minors even when their parents approve.”

The show then featured several parents speaking highly of transitioning children as young as seven and ten with the help of their pediatricians.

“Our daughter is 10 years old,” Beth Clawson said. “She started letting us know she was transgender really before she could even speak. She would do things like wear her sister‘s clothes, pretend that towels her long hair and when she was about three years old she started to withdraw and become depressed so we started doing some research.”

“We talked to her pediatrician,” Clawson added. “For us, gender-affirming care so far has been a social transition using the correct pronouns, letting Kiernan grow her hair long, letting her pick her clothes from the girls section.”

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