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Lawmakers in the state of Oregon are considering a bill that would provide homeless people with $1,000 a month with no strings attached.

Is there any wonder why so many people in Oregon are trying to secede to the state of Idaho?

If Oregon wants to become the homeless capital of the country, this is an excellent way to do it.

FOX News reports:

Oregon bill would pay homeless people $1,000 a month

The state of Oregon is weighing a bill to give homeless and low-income people $1,000 a month in universal basic income.

The Oregon legislature is considering a bill to establish a People’s Housing Assistance Fund Demonstration Program through the state’s Department of Human Services.

Oregon’s bill is the latest in blue states looking to give handouts to people in universal basic income (UBI) programs.

According to Bill Track 50, the legislation would “provide 12 monthly payments of $1,000 to individuals who are experiencing homelessness, are at risk of homelessness, are severely rent burdened or earn at or below 60 percent of area median income.”

The bill would require a study on who is receiving the money broken down among a few demographics, including race, veteran status and risk of domestic violence.

Additionally, the bill sunsets in January 2026.

The $1,000 payments can be used at recipients’ discretion, but supporters say it will be used toward rent and other living expenses.

Anyone with a brain knows that much of this money will be spent on alcohol and drugs, not rent and living expenses.

As if we haven’t paid enough of our tax money to the homeless.

Why don’t we give them $1000/mo in housing vouchers? Housing First, right?

Most of this will just end up in the hands of drug dealers.

— PDX Real (@PDXReal1) February 28, 2023

How many people can the three West Coast States afford to lose to outward migration?
Are they expecting illegal aliens to make up for lost revenue?

Oregon bill would pay homeless people $1,000 a month

— 1ByLand2BySea (@1byLand2ifbySea) March 1, 2023

We’re going to give homeless folks $1,000 a month for a year. After that we’ll be granting extensions so the drug dealers don’t go out of business.

— Not Tina Kotex (@NotTinaKotex) February 28, 2023

Absolute madness, and it’s being done on purpose.

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