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Old Joe Biden is completely lost during Honor Guard inspection with King Charles.

It’s no secret to anyone paying attention that Joe Biden is visibly suffering through mid-stage dementia.

The 80-year-old can barely walk and has no idea what he is doing anymore.

Democrats are running Old Joe for president again which tells you EVERYTHING about the blatant fraud in our elections.

On Monday Joe Biden looked like he could barely walk as he arrived in London for a visit. He later had trouble walking to Windsor Castle.

Joe Biden Meets with King Charles at Windsor Castle – Can Barely Walk

Biden then walked in front of King Charles during the inspection of the honor guard. The fake news made a HUGE deal out of this when Trump was president.

And at one point King Charles was visibly frustrated as he was forced to tell Old Joe to move on during the presentation after Joe stopped and started talking to the Honor Guard.

What a disgrace.

Via RNC Research.

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