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It’s amazing to me how clueless these establisment politicians are. Either they truly don’t realize how much people can’t stand them, or they don’t care. People like Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley are perfect examples of this. All three toe the establishment line, and have no interest whatsoever in supporting anything “America First.” Yet, they’re all rumored to be running for president in 2024. We know Nikki is. As a matter of fact, she just kicked off her absurd campaign.

Some crazy liberal reporter at USA Today reported that watch out, mid-to-upper septuagenarians. Newly minted GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley has questions about your mental acuity!

The South Carolina governor and former U.N. ambassador formally launched her campaign Wednesday with, among other things, a call for “mandatory mental competency tests for politicians over 75 years old.”

That line was surely aimed at pleasing Republicans who’ve convinced themselves that 80-year-old President Joe Biden is senile (while also being a devious criminal and an all-powerful leftist singlehandedly transforming America into a socialist hellscape). But it was also a shot at 76-year-old former President Donald Trump, a candidate as well, and at a sizable swath of the GOP’s most reliable base of voters.

A Pew Research Center study of the 2020 presidential election found voters ages 75 to 92 were the only ones who clearly favored Trump over Biden, by 58% to 42%.

Nikki Haley is a disaster. She’s more unlikeable than Jeb!.

She’s an establishment stooge, who can’t be trusted. Also, we can thank her for starting the whole “tear down the statues” nonsense.

And who can forget this doozy of a tweet:

We should all stand with @BubbaWallace today against the cowards who secretly put the noose in his garage stall. Watch your back cowards. Bubba has a bigger army than you do. #HateWontWin #WeStandWithBubba

— Nikki Haley (@NikkiHaley) June 22, 2020

Before even waiting to see what was really going on, Nikki was virtue signaling. This is NOT a leader, and I don’t even know why Trump had this loser as part of his admin.

But it doesn’t really matter, real conservatives can see through her “establishment game.”

So, when she launched her campaign, she did so with hardly anybody watching.

Only 899 watched Nikki’s big announcement.

Less Than 1k Tuning Into The Nikki Haley Announcement

— The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸 (@ColumbiaBugle) February 15, 2023

And Nikki knows people can’t stand her… she had the comments turned off so nobody could respond to her pathetic “kick off.”

She’s also thin-skinned. Another strike against globalist Nikki.

So, why is she doing this?

There are two major theories. One theory is that she’s getting in so she has a pulpit to slam Trump, and help “Team DeSantis” beat him. The other theory is that she wants to be Trump’s veep.

I think either one of those theories sound viable. We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

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