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Throughout his football career, Joe Montana accomplished a lot. While playing for the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, he won four Super Bowls, numerous league MVP and Super Bowl MVP awards, and numerous MVP awards. He would eventually be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He never lost sight of who was most significant to him throughout it all.

Montana recalled how, similar to when someone calls home from the office, he used to talk to his wife while playing football games. He gave details about his process. He would use the phone while watching games, and one day he wondered whether he could call someone outside the stadium. He dialed 9, which was the usual way to reach the operator, and to his astonishment, a dial tone appeared.

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In order to reach his wife Jennifer, he called his home phone using that device. She was very surprised to hear her spouse on the other end of the line. During that time, he delightfully expressed his love for her despite her protests and stammers. He used to visit every stadium to see if it was conceivable after discovering that it worked.

During a Schick razor ad, the star quarterback and Jennifer Wallace connected. She performed the role of a sheriff in the advertisement, and she is an aspiring model and actress. Joe Montana, who had already won the Super Bowl at the time, was present to lend star power.

Sadly for Montana, Wallace was unaware of his identity, but the quarterback summoned the nerve to ask her out for supper. He proposed to her after a six-month relationship. Though she did not accept it because marriage was not on her agenda, she did not decline either, which was fortunate for him.

So he gave it another go and chartered a plane to deliver the message. They got married in 1985 after she agreed this time. Since then, they have remained a couple, and they have four kids together. After two brief previous marriages, Joe Montana has successfully maintained a stable union. From 1974 to 1977, he was married to Kim Moses, then from 1981 to 1984, he was wed to Cass Castillo.

But that infamous advertisement will forever alter the path of their lives. They have stuck by each other despite numerous difficulties over the years. Even when he was out on the field vying for glory, Joe Montana never failed to express to her his love for her.

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