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New York Governor Kathy Hochul now wants to allow illegal border crossers to take state jobs. For weeks, she has been pushing to fast track work programs for illegals and now she wants them working in government jobs.

Does this mean that illegals would get the cushy benefits that come with such jobs? Will they be eligible for pensions? Will they join public sector unions and join strikes demanding more money? Does anyone in New York see the brutal irony in this?

Where does this madness end?

Townhall reported:

Kathy Hochul Has the Green Light to Give State Jobs to Illegal Migrants

In President Joe Biden’s America, illegal migrants get a five-star treatment while law-abiding U.S. citizens take a back seat.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) is trying to fast-track her plans of getting illegal aliens at the front of the line for government jobs.

New York would be the first state in the nation to make it easier for asylum-seekers with work authorization to obtain government jobs. Hochul told Politico that she is “anxious to get this moving quickly.”

The Democrat’s administration is easing requirements for such jobs as, English language proficiency, education qualifications, and certification for more than 4,000 state government jobs. The long-standing requirement of needing to take the civil service exam and have a high school diploma for applicants to be considered has also been eliminated.

The goal of the proposal is to get illegal aliens into state jobs faster once they get approved work permits.

This is insane and an insult to American citizens.

NY Gov. Hochul recently approved temporary government jobs for migrants, including for positions in state schools like SUNY. That could have included the migrant, formerly based in NY, who is now accused of killing that nursing student in Georgia.

— David Asman (@DavidAsmanfox) February 26, 2024

So New York State will be “dropping typical application requirements like proof of a high school diploma or proficiency in English” for state jobs.

I’m sure this is going to work out very well with state employees not even speaking English…

— Daniel Di Martino (@DanielDiMartino) February 26, 2024

NY Gov Hochul is preparing to fill 4,000 State jobs with illegal immigrants once they get work authorizations. They will be dropping the typical application requirements, like proof of a high school diploma or proficiency in English.

— Fed Up With Corruption (@FedCorruption) February 28, 2024

Democrats care more about people who broke our laws to get here than they do about the American people. They prove it constantly.

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