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Well, in case you’re wondering why all the globalist warmongers are gleefully pushing us closer to WW3, I think I have your answer. Not only are the bad guys trying to hide whatever it is they’re doing in Ukraine (money laundering, bribes, other illegal activities), but they’re also trying to get rich off of the backs of injured, traumatized, and dead soldiers. You remember that lying traitor Alexander Vindman, right? Well, that little treasonous plop of dough is cashing in big time on the “war festival” and he probably couldn’t be happier.

Human Events, the publication where Jack Posobiec is the editor, just came out with a bombshell exclusive on that little worm, and how he’s planning to become a millionaire off this so-called “war.”

Human Events reported that documents recently obtained by Human Events show that Alexander Vindman has been pitching the government of Ukraine to obtain lucrative defense contracts. In August 2022, Vindman, operating as CEO of Trident Support, pitched a deck on a Ukraine Weapons Systems Sustainment Center to address problems with Ukraine’s weapons management, namely readiness, repair, and maintenance.

Vindman proposed that for $12 million in initial funding, his company Trident Support would bring support closer to the front lines by providing a logistical midpoint from which equipment could be distributed. The idea behind the proposal is that Trident Support would be a middle-man between NATO weapons and Ukrainian forces, teaching the latter how to operate and repair the equipment, while taking an exorbitant fee from Ukraine to do it.

Personnel who would be employed under the plan would be those who are “highly experienced former soldiers or contractors in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.”

The facilities to undertake this mission would be located in Poland, Slovakia, or Romania were it not possible to make that base in Ukraine.

The deck outlining the proposal was revealed along with court documents showing a dispute over payments.

This is exactly why the Deep State wanted to stop Trump. The moment we had an outsider in there who didn’t care about “lucrative wars” suddenly, the warmongers were out of luck and money.

This is “business as usual” in the United States, and if you’re sick of watching our young people die in order to line the pockets of the elites, then stand up and make your voice heard. We need to pressure the GOP House to reject any and all funding to Ukraine. All we’re doing is helping traitors like Vindman live a luxury lifestyle.

Is that where you want your tax dollars going?

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