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A beautiful model was found dead in touristy Mexico. Her name was Agostina Jalabert. She was 31-years-old, which is older for a “model” by US standards, but she was from Argentina. She was found dead at around 7 a.m. on Feb. 18 in her apartment in Playa del Carmen, Mexico – a tourist hot spot. Sadly, her 21-year-old sister, Candela Jalabert, found her beautiful sister deceased in the bathtub. Mexican officials ruled the death a “suicide.” However, the family said, “not so fast.”

They believe she was murdered and they also think they know exactly who did it.

The Blaze reported that the sister, Candela attempted to enter the apartment by using a security code, but it didn’t work that day. The sister began frantically banging on the front door. Agostina’s boyfriend, Juan Reverter, answered the door and said that Jalabert was sleeping.

MEAWW reported that Jalabert’s father, Edgardo Jalabert, told Argentine news network TN, “Candela was about to leave the apartment but Agostina’s dog caught her attention and guided her to the bathroom where she found her sister sitting in the bathtub with a towel wrapped around her hands. This character said he was sleeping when Candela arrived and asked for his sister.”

“The dog, Bruna, led her to the bathroom, and there they found Agostina hanging from the towel rack, sitting or semi-sitting, (a few feet) from the floor,” the father said, adding that she had “injuries of all kinds.”

Agostina’s uncle, Germán Jalabert, told the news website Pagina 12 that his niece wasn’t suicidal, and it seemed improbable that she could kill herself in the position that she was found.

“The towel rack was about (four feet) from the floor. It’s hard to think that a person can hang from a height lower than their height,” Germán explained.

He said that Candela attempted to revive her unresponsive sister, but it was too late because she was already dead.

The uncle criticized Mexican authorities for their investigation into the sudden death of Agostina Jalabert.

“None of the basic protocols were applied to investigate and find out the real causes of his death,” Germán said. “The boyfriend was not arrested, his phone was not seized, nor were toxicological tests carried out, nor was it verified if he had any injuries.”

The family suspects that the boyfriend murdered Agostina.

Edgardo said, “The autopsy, according to the lawyer, reveals that this is a femicide due to the injuries my daughter has.”

Betina Teuly, the family’s lawyer, proclaimed that “there is sufficient evidence” to prove that Jalabert was murdered by Reverter.

The family may be onto something, because now, Reverter has reportedly runway, and nobody has seen or heard from him since the “suicide.”

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