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A bomb cyclone of fake anti-Semitic news failed to materialize this week after countless and unrelenting efforts to prime the American people for a fearful “Day of Hate” turned out to be less than a dusting of snow for the media narrative-makers.

Just one week ago, national and international news outlets were breathlessly reporting about the national security threat from this “Day of Hate” and the preparations from local police nationwide who were on “high alert” in response to “unconfirmed” threats against American Jews on the sabbath.

The “unconfirmed” threats stemmed from an alleged call-to-action by unspecified Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and anti-Semites for a national “Day of Hate.”

(You can hear my own in-depth teardown/analysis of this outrageously fake so-called “Day of Hate” with fellow documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus on the Truthbait Podcast in the segment cued up at the 08:10):

Just look at the examples of how this story was spread through the media.

Here is New York Fox 5 News hyping up the fake news to drum up fear against Jewish residents while admitting the threats are unconfirmed:

Here is a report from Chicago’s WGN News that is almost identical, finding a local spokesman for the Jewish community to express his concern, also based on “unconfirmed” threats.

And here in a story from I24 in Israel, the reporter drums up fear and concern that America may no longer be safe for Jews.

All of the reports, including Rolling Stone and Newsweek (who [Newsweek] shamelessly used terrifying Nazi imagery from a completely different time and place in history) warned of the “high alert” status local police departments issued nationwide, but a funny thing happened after the so called “Day of Hate.” 

NOTHING! NOTHING HAPPENED! There was no “Day of Hate.”

The Times of Israel reports:

No major antisemitic incidents were immediately reported in the United States on Saturday, despite widespread alert over a “national day of hate” that had been planned by white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups.

Instead, officials issued statements of solidarity and demonstrations of unity were held in Washington, DC, and elsewhere, while Jewish communities defied the threats by sticking to their normal Shabbat activities.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reports:

(JTA) — A “National Day of Hate” against Jews planned by white supremacists that triggered sweeping warnings from law enforcement and Jewish security officials came and went without significant incident on Saturday.

Jeremy Segal is a documentary filmmaker and writer, you might be familiar with his work as RebelPundit over the previous decade. He is a co-host of the new podcast TruthBait, with fellow documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus, director/producer of the motion picture Hating Breitbart, an amazing biopic of our dear friend Andrew Breitbart.

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