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Akron, Ohio – Marxist BLM terrorists assaulted police officers during a riot in Akron Wednesday night after a grand jury declined on Monday to indict the eight police officers who killed 25-year-old Jayland Walker.

The Gateway Pundit reported that on June 27th, Walker was shot more than 40 times by police in Akron, Ohio, after refusing to stop for them, initiating a dangerous car chase, and firing at officers from his vehicle.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced the cops would not face criminal charges for shooting Walker.

Yost said the evidence was clear Walker shot first and the police acted in self-defense.

The facts did not matter to the BLM terrorists, of course. During the riot, they assaulted police by throwing bottles and rocks at them.

At approximately 7:57pm officers were having bottles thrown at them from marchers. That’s when the orders to disperse were given.

— City of Akron, Ohio (@AkronOhioMayor) April 20, 2023

One BLM rioter stormed toward the police screaming “Go ahead, I dare you n****rs, I dare you n****rs, I’ma die about this b***h!”

“Imma burn this b***h down on my kids!”


“Go ahead, I dare you n—gers, I dare you n—gers, I’ma die about this bitch”

“Imma burn this bitch down, on my kids!”

A man rushes at @Akron_Police at the #BLM riot & threatens them.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) April 20, 2023

Police proceeded to deploy pepper spray and smoke bombs to break up the riot.

.@Akron_Police deployed pepper spray at a group of #BLM rioters who hurled bottles at the officers. The dispersal angered leftists & biased journalists, who believe the rioters should be able to riot & attack with impunity.

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) April 20, 2023

Smoke bombs deployed at the protest. Swat team lined up to move forward. Ordering all off the street. @Ideastream #jaylandwalker #akron

— Ygal Kaufman (@gentleentry) April 20, 2023

News 5 Cleveland reports that several businesses suffered damage during the violent riot:

Some Akron business owners are waking up Thursday morning to find their properties damaged, with windows at several downtown restaurants broken and glass scattered across the sidewalk.

The damage comes just hours after police had to use pepper spray to disperse a crowd of protesters demanding justice for Jayland Walker.

Wally Waffle, Irie Jamaican Kitchen, and Chipotle all have broken windows from rocks being thrown, and shards of glass are littering Market Street.

The Evans building downtown on Exchange Street also had one window damaged overnight. It was one of the few downtown buildings that were not boarded up.


Windows broken late Wednesday night by protestors in Akron. Wally Waffle, IRIE Jamaican Kitchen and Chipotle all have damage in Highland Square.

— Mike Vielhaber (@MVielhaber) April 20, 2023

Akron Police and business owners saved the city.

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