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Former acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller rejects the notion that a coup took place on Jan. 6, 2021.

Speaking on independent journalist Tim Pool’s podcast on Friday, Miller bristled at the idea that former President Donald Trump and his allies tried to seize control of the U.S. government.

“Dude, I was running the military. There was no coup,” he said. “Can’t happen. … There was gonna be no military coup.”

“I spent my life in service to this country and I swore to protect and defend the Constitution,” Miller continued. “If it came down to that, the president … wasn’t going there.”

Had a coup been in the works, the world would have found out, he said.

“If it would have gone there, I would have resigned and gone right outside and gotten on TV and said, ‘I resigned in protest because I was asked to do something anti-constitutional.’ Period. End of story.”

Miller spoke about his decision to stay in his position after the Capitol incursion.

“You gotta be stable. You gotta be steady, right? That’s what good leaders do,” he said.

“I saw a lot of those political figures that bailed that day doing it for political reasons. I was like, we need to find out what happened. We’re still finding out what happened that day.”

“You get paid for the good times and the bad, and you really get paid for the tough times. That’s what the American people pay you for, right?” he said.

Miller also dismissed talk of a coup during an interview on C-SPAN.

“I think it’s complete bull–you know what,” Miller said Sunday when asked about speculation that Trump had installed him so that he would delay the response to the Capitol incursion.

“I think the investigation has revealed that that did not happen, that there was not some sort of cabal or some sort of conspiracy to delay the response to Capitol Hill,” he told C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.”

He said the military “should never be used for domestic law enforcement, meaning doing police work, except when civil society and civil order has collapsed.”

Miller added that anyone who wants to know whether Trump’s appointments were made with a coup in mind should “ask President Trump. … I don’t think that was the case.”

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