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Two would-be robbers in San Antonio, Texas, quickly discovered they targeted the wrong man when their victim pulled out his own legally carried firearm and put an abrupt end to their nefarious plans.

Authorities in San Antonio told the media on Friday that a man using an ATM at a Chase Bank on the outskirts of the downtown area was confronted by the two men at about 1 p.m. that day, Fox News reported.

The targeted ATM user was parked next to a drive-up machine when two men skidded to a stop in front of him, jumped out of their car, and demanded his money.

The intended victim, though, proved not to be a victim at all as he drew his own firearm and quickly responded to the threat.

“It was a robbery that didn’t go well for the robbers,” San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus told the media in a video statement.

The man, whose name has been withheld, fired at the attackers and killed them both.

The two dead men were both in their 20s, the chief added.

“They’re going to interview him further,” McManus said of the intended victim. “Right now, we’re looking at him as the victim of a robbery who was acting in self-defense.”

It’s all just another example of how the Second Amendment is best used when it is used to protect a citizen from ne’er-do-wells and criminals.

Liberals despise these many, many stories because they maintain that there is no such thing as a “good guy with a gun.” Liberals claim that anyone with a gun is a bad guy who is causing chaos and death everywhere he goes.

But their plaintive cries against the Second Amendment are empty when we see story after story of people protecting themselves, their family, and their property against criminals.

Just last week, for instance, a mother was protecting her children in Louisiana when a convicted felon who was already on a rampage of law-breaking activities tried to force his way into her home.

In another case of a brave woman protecting her family, an Arkansas woman drew her legally carried firearm when a pair of attackers set upon her husband in a Little Rock parking garage. The mom used her firearm to shoot one of the attackers.

The Western Journal has reported on stories like these dozens of times over the years, such as the story from 2018 when a good guy with a gun saw a police officer in trouble and quickly responded to help an officer in Utah who needed assistance.

In 2017, a Florida man used his firearm to protect himself against a pair of home invaders.

Then in 2022 a man was able to stop another man intent on mass murder at a mall in Indiana and was praised for putting a quick end to what could have been a greater loss of life.

The data is conclusive. As writer Lawrence W. Reed reported in 2019, “Guns prevent an estimated 2.5 million crimes a year, or 6,849 every day.” And the NRA added that numbers from Dr. John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center show that 34 percent of “active shooter” attacks are stopped or limited by legal gun owners responding to a shooting.

This story could easily have gone in another direction, one where the man at the ATM would have been robbed and traumatized by criminals or, if he was not armed, even killed himself during an attack by the superior numbers he was facing.

But, instead, we see another “good guy with a gun” story who saved his property and protected himself from attackers.

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