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Baltimore, MD- Shocking video of a crash that led to the collapse of an entire building in East Baltimore last month was released by the Maryland Attorney General’s office on Thursday.

Police said the suspect responsible for the crash raced off in a stolen Hyundai Sonata just as officers were approaching the vehicle on the night of Feb. 8.

The suspect, 33-year-old Shawn Lee Brunson, proceeded to lead the cops on a high speed chase.

The chase concluded when Brunson allegedly struck another vehicle at the intersection of North Avenue and North Wolfe Street. This caused both cars to crash into the building, leading to its horrific collapse.


Here are the vehicles underneath the rubble.

54-year-old Alfred Fincher was killed after being hit by Brunson’s vehicle and was buried beneath the falling rubble according to police. Five other people were wounded.

The police involved in the chase preceding the crash are under investigation by Independent Investigations Division of the Office of Attorney General and could be prosecuted. This is thanks to a 2021 “police reform” legislation which requires all police-involved fatalities to be investigated in Maryland.

The division released camera footage of the police response, as well as surveillance footage of the intersection. An officer was told to end pursuit of the stolen vehicle shortly before the crash happened.

The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office will decide whether or not to prosecute the officers involved.

The incident sums up Democrat policies to a tee. First, we have a suspect who likely had no business being on the street to begin with, allegedly causing a deadly crash.

Then, an entire building collapses in crime-ridden East Baltimore, the result from years of infrastructure neglect from the city.

Now police may be prosecuted for trying stop a fleeing suspect. The police should instead be supported for their actions trying to protect the community.

All of this explains why Democrats should never be in charge of running government.

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