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Connor Sturgeon left a 13-page manifesto before he went on his killing spree.

Sturgeon was under the care of health professionals and was being treated for depression.

Louisville bank shooter Connor Sturgeon left a 13-page manifesto before he went on his shooting spree at his former place of employment.
Sturgeon reportedly had three reasons for the attack.
1.) To prove how easy it is to buy a gun
2.) To highlight America’s mental health crisis(?)
3.) To kill himself – and take others with him

The killer bought his gun six days before the attack at Old National Bank.

Police confirmed to CNN that Sturgeon had been informed he was going to be fired and that he had left his parents a note indicating he was going to attack the bank.

The LinkedIn account of Connor Sturgeon has also been shared on Twitter. Next to his name, the words “He/Him” appear, indicating that he has bought into the leftist narrative that your biological sex is irrelevant and that it’s up to the individual to identify themselves by using their choice of pronouns.

Connor was another unhinged far-left killer not fond of President Trump.

They’re already wiping, #ConnorSturgeon, the #Louisville mass-murderer’s social media accounts.

These were the anti-Trump
and pro-lockdown posts on a Reddit under an account with the same name at his already nuked Twitter account.

Another Democrat killer.

(Credit Andy S.)

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) April 10, 2023

Connor was a star athlete but suffered numerous concussions.

Louisville shooter Connor Sturgeon was star athlete but suffered ‘multiple concussions’

— New York Post (@nypost) April 10, 2023

The Daily Mail reported:

Louisville bank shooter Connor Sturgeon wrote a chilling manifesto before slaughtering five senior executives at the branch where he worked, can exclusively reveal.

The 13-page missive describes his goals before the horror at the downtown Old National Bank, where the 25-year-old livestreamed the massacre on Instagram as he gunned down co-workers at their morning conference.

Sturgeon made three key points in the manifesto, which is in the hands of the police: he wanted to kill himself, he wanted to prove how easy it was to buy a gun in Kentucky and he wanted to highlight a mental health crisis in America.

The mass-murderer legally purchased an AR-15 assault rifle on April 4, six days before he entered the bank at 8:33am where he was met by a friendly woman colleague at the entrance. He told her ‘you need to get out of here’ before he tried to shoot her.

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