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Despite running the most popular presidential candidate in a generation, and despite compiling over 7 million more votes than any sitting president in history,  and despite improving his vote total by nearly 10 million votes in 4 years, President Trump was denied victory in 2020.

Joe Biden, a corrupt politician, with dementia who did not campaign was declared the winner after four days of secret counting in backrooms where GOP election observers were denied entry.

President Trump won on election night, but then millions of votes trickled in until Joe Biden was awarded state after state days after the election.  In Pennsylvania alone, the Democrats were able to find one million votes for Joe Biden following the election when President Trump was ahead by nearly 800,000 votes.

In 2022, Republicans vowed to stay at home and cast their vote on Election Day to beat the Democrat mail-in voter fraud.  In Arizona, Republicans had the most popular and attractive slate of candidates in the history of the state.  Then on Election Day, Maricopa County officials jammed up the machines with ballots that were too big or too small.  Over 60 percent of the county’s voting centers had broken machines that were unable to count these wrong-sized ballots.  Thousands of conservatives, who made up more than 72% of Election Day voters were denied their right to vote.  Thousands had no idea if their vote even counted after they were told to throw them into Door #3 that would be counted later.

The Republican Party under Ronna McDaniel has gone from clueless, to cowardly, to appeasing, to a danger to society.

Ronna McDaniel surrendered at every juncture.

Thanks to Ronna McDaniel and today’s Republican Party the Democrats have been able to normalize these dirty election fraud tactics:

** 24-hour outdoor ballot boxes
** Illegal ballot harvesting at drop boxes without consequence
** No excuse mail-in voting
** Extended early voting
** Election month and post-election week
** Illegal ballot harvesting following Election Day without consequence
** Mysterious 25,000 ballot drops to state totals after Election Day without consequence
** Over 60% of Election Centers with broken down machines that are inoperable on Election Day
** Mysterious middle-of-the-night white van ballot drops
** Democrat operatives given keys to the counting rooms before the election
** Refusal to notify public of the exact number of ballots left to be counted following Election Day
** Dribble out ballot counts following Election day for over a week
** Impossible results favoring Democrat candidates from Election Day when over 70 percent of voters were Republican
** Private companies sorting and moving ballots during the election process

Of course, this is must a partial list.

Ronna McDaniel and Republicans surrendered on EVERY SINGLE ILLEGL TACTIC the Democrats have thrown at them making national elections a complete joke!

On Sunday Ronna McDaniel announced she would force a loyalty pledge for all Republican candidates this year. That is what holds Ronna’s attention.

Via Politico.

Any candidate who wants to take part in the GOP’s first primary debate in Milwaukee later this year will have to sign a pledge promising to support whoever wins the nomination, Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel said Sunday.

“We’re saying you’re not going to get on the debate stage unless you make this pledge,” McDaniel said during an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.” McDaniel, who recently won her fourth term as RNC chair after a contentious battle against Harmeet Dhillon, said that Republican voters are tired of “infighting” within the party, and “want to see us come together.”

The GOP under Ronna McDaniel is a dangerous organization and we are going to lose our country.

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