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Stephen Colbert, the former comedian turned Democrat propagandist, used his late night show to mock the recent Department of Energy report that COVID was leaked from a lab.

There are few people in entertainment or media at large, who have been more of a COVID Karen than Colbert.

Colbert has taken great delight in using COVID as a political weapon against anyone he saw as a threat to the Democrat establishment.

The only funny part – which Colbert did not intend – is that he tells the Departmnt of Energy to stay in their lane. When has Colbert ever done that?

Breitbart News reports:

Stephen Colbert Downplays Department of Energy over Report Saying COVID Likely Came from Lab Leak: ‘Stay in Your Lane’

CBS’ The Late Show host Stephen Colbert has joined the establishment media’s effort to downplay the Department of Energy’s recent report saying the COVID-19 pandemic likely originated from a leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Clearly unhappy with the study, Colbert, who has long-supported Dr. Anthony Fauci, admonished the Department of Energy to “stay in your lane.”

During the broadcast, the left-wing comedian did his best to try to discredit the report with a round of sarcastic humor. “Well there it is! Chinese wet markets, you’re off the hook,” he said. “Let’s order a round of pangolin poppers for the table…. can we get some civet fingers, please?”

Colbert noted that the Energy Department oversees a network of national laboratories, some of which conduct biological research. “No! No! Bad Energy Department! No biolabs until you’ve finished building your electric car charging stations! Stay in your lane.”

He added: “You don’t see the census bureau building nukes.”

Here’s the video:

Steve Colbert (@StephenAtHome) attacks the Dept. of Energy for its investigation finding Covid likely came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology: “Stay in your lane”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) February 28, 2023

Last year, Colbert’s mentor Jon Stewart went on his show and suggested that COVID was leaked from a lab and Colbert didn’t know how to handle it. Watch:

This is older, but Jon Stewart was right and they refused to listen to him as well, just like Woody Harrelson!

— Johnny Midnight (@its_the_Dr) February 27, 2023

And who can forget this cringeworthy moment from Colbert where he danced an sang about COVID vaccines?

Colbert’s ideological comedy isn’t funny anymore and his vaccine dance skits are…

Gutfeld crushes Colbert in ratings to become the most popular late-night TV

— Tosca Austen (@ToscaAusten) September 29, 2021

Colbert is nothing more than a puppet for the establishment. It’s pretty sad.

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