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Amid the pomp of Saturday’s coronation of King Charles III of Britain, a horse threatened to disrupt the procession in London.

As the Gold State Coach, which was carrying newly crowned King Charles and Queen Camilla, turned from Whitehall into The Mall, in the central part of the city, something appeared to spook one of the coach’s mounted escorts, according to the Metro.

The horse was in the ranks of the procession following the king and was scolded by one Twitter user, who wrote, “Can’t park that there mate.”

Who’s horse is that? #Coronation

— Chloe (@Chloboz01) May 6, 2023

Can’t park that there mate

— Ives_57 (@57Ives) May 6, 2023

The horse began walking backward and then struck barriers that kept the crowds from the procession, per a video published by the Metro.

Service members came to help anyone who might have been hurt, bringing a stretcher, but it was not used.

After the incident, a police officer appeared to limp away from the area, with some assistance from fellow officers.

Did the horses in the #Coronation parade get pissed last night? I spot at least 4 that are suffering major hangovers & don’t want to follow orders

— Paul (@pnefc1973) May 6, 2023

The horse eventually was brought under control and took its place behind the Gold State Coach, according to the Evening Standard.

The horse following the coach was not the only animal refusing to follow the script.

Apollo, the drum horse leading the procession to Westminster Abbey, veered sideways more than once, according to the Sun.

The drum horse has gone rogue & is doing dressage!

I can just imagine the Colonel of The Blues & Royals screaming « FFS man. Control your horse! »

Little-known fact about me: I actually learned to ride on a Blues & Royals’ drum horse so I know of what I speak!#Coronation

— Franglaise (@frangla) May 6, 2023

Imagine playing drums in the rain while riding a horse, without holding onto any reins, and keeping perfect time.

Now imagine being the horse with a man, and drums strapped to either side, banging on, right in your ears.#Coronation#Drumhorse doing his own thing wins the day.

— Linaniloquent (@Linsomniac) May 6, 2023

Special award for #Apollo the drum horse, who isn’t taking this seriously. #Coronation

— Family ByCycle (@FamilyByCycle) May 6, 2023

Apollo holds the rank of major in the British army.

London was jammed on a rainy day for the coronation.

After the ceremony, the royal family waved to the crowds from a balcony at Buckingham Palace.

As noted by USA Today, neither Prince Harry, the king’s youngest son, nor Prince Andrew, the king’s brother, were included in the balcony ceremony.

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