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Songwriter Kyle Jacobs, the late husband of country singer Kellie Pickler, appeared happy a day before he died of a suspected suicide last week.

Jacobs, 49, took his own life in the couple’s Tennessee home on Friday, police have said.

In a statement obtained by NBC News, the Metro Nashville Police Department said Jacobs died from “an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

First responders found him in an upstairs room in the couple’s home in Nashville.

The news shocked the country music world, as Jacobs and Pickler had been married for more than a decade.

Jacobs’ final social media post a day before his death offered no clues he was struggling. He shared the news that singer Lee Brice’s album “Hey World” had been certified platinum.

Upon sharing the good news for Brice, Jacobs commented, “Platinum?! SWEEEET!!! An amazing crew of incredibly talented peeps put this one together…Deeply honored to be a creative part of it…Thank you Jesus!!!”

According to TMZ, Jacobs produced the album and also laid down guitar tracks on it.


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Jacobs’ haunting final comment is a reminder that people who are struggling are so often the last we would suspect are facing severe depression or other issues that might lead them to consider suicide.

Pickler’s husband enjoyed a successful music career, appeared happily married and starred in a reality TV show with his wife.

According to Harvard Health, more than 100 Americans commit suicide every day. Sometimes the warning signs are there, but many times they are not.

“Many people who commit suicide do so without letting on they are thinking about it or planning it,” Dr. Michael Miller, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, said.

The medical school’s blog concluded the motive behind such a tragic and final act often is unknown.

“Although some people who commit suicide have an identifiable mental health problem, like depression or addiction, others don’t,” Harvard Health said. “Some talk about wanting or planning to kill themselves or give other hints, others don’t. The decision to commit suicide might be made just minutes or hours before that act.”

Anyone who has ever lost a loved one to suicide knows the anguish, shock and trauma the experience can cause.

It is a unique pain.

The suicide of a loved one can forever leave those left behind wondering what they might have done differently – had they simply known someone they cared for deeply was considering a permanent act to remedy what was a temporary problem.

Help is available for those who might be struggling through friends, family and prayer.

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is also discretely available 24 hours a day through a call or by text.

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