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Katie Hobbs, the ‘governor’ of Arizona, is refusing to carry out the scheduled April execution of a convicted murderer, defying the ruling of the state’s highest court.

Why does it seem like Democrats are always on the side of criminals?

And what about our precious norms? Is Katie Hobbs a threat to our democracy for defying the courts?

FOX News reports:

Arizona Gov. Hobbs vows not to carry out court-ordered execution

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs vowed Friday that her administration won’t carry out an execution even though the state Supreme Court scheduled it over the objections of the state’s new attorney general.

The Democratic governor’s promise not to execute Aaron Gunches on April 6 for his murder conviction in a 2002 killing came a day after the state Supreme Court said it must grant an execution warrant if certain appellate proceedings have concluded — and that those requirements were met in Gunches’ case.

Last week, Hobbs appointed retired U.S. Magistrate Judge David Duncan to examine the state’s procurement of lethal injection drugs and other death penalty protocols due to the state’s history of mismanaging executions.

“Under my administration, an execution will not occur until the people of Arizona can have confidence that the state is not violating the law in carrying out the gravest of penalties,” Hobbs said in a statement Friday.

Attorney General Kris Mayes’ office has said it won’t seek court orders to carry out executions while Hobbs’ review is underway.

How do the people of Arizona feel about this?

KATIE WATCH 2.3.23: Weak on crime.

@GovernorHobbs⁩ vows to stop the execution of Aaron Gunches, after the scheme of AG ⁦@krismayes⁩ fail to get approved by the AZ Supreme Court.

Gunches has been on death row for 21 years for murder.

— iVoteArizona (@iVoteArizona) March 4, 2023

#ImpeachKatieHobbs@katiehobbs refuses to put a murderer to death & allows Mexican Cartels to smuggle Fentanyl across Arizona boarder killing us

‘Most serious exercise of the power’: @katiehobbs won’t proceed with Aaron Gunches execution via @12News

— BWs_MarineCorp7375 MOS2531 USA (@marinecorp7375) March 3, 2023

Hobbs is pathetic.

Gov. Hobbs says Arizona does not intend to move forward with execution of Aaron Gunches via @azcentral

— BrendaStarrAZ (@BrendaStarrAZ2) March 3, 2023

Will the media ask Hobbs why she thinks she can defy the courts?

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