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President Joe Biden’s got no time for the Nashville shooting victims’ families.

The president of the United States is happy to take a visit from the Tennessee Democrats who staged a raucous protest in the Volunteer State’s Capitol and has publicly extended an invite to a man shot in Missouri.

But the families of innocent children and adults gunned down at a Christian school less than three weeks ago aren’t on his agenda — and the reasons are painfully obvious.

The deaths of Americans only merit Biden’s attention if it serves the progressive program.

That was clear Wednesday, after White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced at the start of the daily news briefing, according to a transcript, that Biden “looks forward to welcoming Tennessee State Representative Justin Jones, Justin Pearson, and Gloria Johnson to the White House this coming Monday.”

Jones, Pearson and Johnson are the Democrats who helped foment an incursion in the Tennessee House of Representatives March 30 demanding more gun control laws in the wake of the March 27 attack on The Covenant School, a private, Christian facility, by a woman who identified as transgender.

Two of the three were actually expelled from the House for their behavior, but reinstated by their local county commissioners who had the power to choose interim replacements.

When Jean-Pierre was taking questions from reporters, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy noted that Biden was hosting the Tennessee Democrats and asked if he had any similar plans for the families of those who died at the school.

Check out the exchange here:

Doocy: You’re going to have three of the lawmakers who protested-

KJP: peacefully protested

Doocy: -after the Nashville Covenant School shooting. Have any of the victims or their families been invited to the White House?

— Media Research Center (@theMRC) April 19, 2023

“Have any of the victims or the victims’ families been invited to the White House?” Doocy asked.

“I don’t have anything to read out to you about any invite,” Jean-Pierre responded.


“I just don’t have anything at this time to read out to you — any invite.”

Possibly aware of how odd it sounded that the White House would neglect to host actual families who lost loved ones, while throwing its doors wide to politicians who used the deaths for their own publicity, Jean-Pierre then launched into a boilerplate rendition of Biden’s anti-gun stance — “conversation” blah blah blah, “weapons of war,” blah blah blah, “assault weapons,” blah blah blah, “Republicans” blah blah blah…

It was a lame effort to defend the indefensible truth: The president of the United States doesn’t have any use for anyone who doesn’t promote the Democratic agenda — even the families of murdered children don’t qualify.

Jean-Pierre avoided saying it, but the message came through loud and clear for social media users:

I wish Doocy had followed up asking if the reason the victims families were not invited was because they were CHRISTIANS?

— Subro52 (@subro52) April 19, 2023

Wrong profile…
Christian, straight, & white…
U seen the video floating of the woman on The View comparing Christians to The Taliban

— Billy Pappadopoulos (@GCBilly) April 19, 2023

Meeting victims of gun violence who have a personal perspective about guns would help Joe with his “conversation”. Obviously nothing he wants to get done, being the President of Action and all.

— Becky Bower (@beckybower651) April 19, 2023

The most important element, of course, is that The Covenant School is Christian and five of the six murder victims were white. As obscene as it sounds, the racially obsessed Biden White House clearly sees no political gain in the president comforting white Christians — not exactly a Democratic demographic — whose loved ones are dead at the hands of a sexually confused killer.

It does, however, have plenty of time for showboating Democratic lawmakers who are using the bodies of murdered children as political props (almost literally).

Just to underscore the point, the Monday White House visit comes after Vice President Kamala Harris met with the three Democrats during an April 7 visit to Tennessee — where she also failed to meet with the victims’ families, as the New York Post reported.

Do you think the Biden White House is racist?

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And this is two days after Biden’s Twitter account published a tweet where Biden announced that he’d called the teenager who was shot April 13 in Kansas City, Missouri, after reportedly going to the wrong house to pick up a younger brother.

The teenager in that case is black — the man who shot him is white.

Obviously, no sane American wants to see a teenager shot in an accident — and race shouldn’t be a factor in any response. But there is no question that it was the determining factor here.

Of course, race will only get a victim so far. The black and Hispanic victims of crime in Democratic-run cities that resemble war zones don’t rate a mention from Jean-Pierre at White House news briefings — they’re sacrifices on the altar of progressive politics.

But in the main, for the Biden White House, and the broader, racially obsessed Democratic Party, the level of melanin in a victim or suspect’s skin is the most important thing in determining a response.

Kamala Harris is the vice president because she’s a black woman — that was a public prerequisite for the job.

Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is on the high court for the same reason — and again it was public knowledge.

Race plays just as prominent a role in other Biden White House decisions — including who gets invited to the Oval Office in the wake of a bloodbath. The skin color of the victims and their survivors is far more important than the crimson stains at The Covenant School.

Karine Jean-Pierre (hired herself for being black and lesbian) didn’t have anything to “read out” to Doocy admitting that, and she’s not honest enough to admit it herself.

But to anyone watching, regardless of politics, it was painfully obvious.

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