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A law defining a “woman” as a biological female for legal purposes in the state of Kansas was approved by the Kansas Senate on Thursday. Without the support of any Democratic state senators, the law passed the state Senate 26-10, and it will be difficult to overcome the Democratic governor’s expected veto.

According to the bill, a woman is a female who has a biological reproductive system that is prepared to produce eggs. It makes it clear that “woman” and “girl” relate to females for statutory reasons.

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The law, according to state senator Renee Erickson (R), seeks to define what a woman is for single-sex institutions that fall under state control.

According to Erickson, “What this accomplishes is merely codify the definition of sex in the law.” It simply states that when the term “sex” is used in an existing statute or piece of legislation, it refers to biological male and female as determined at birth. That is absolutely impartial and factual.

The bill was denounced by Kansas Senate Democrats as “targeting trans Kansans” while also being “equally disrespectful to cisgender Kansans,” they claimed. Democrats criticized the bill’s “Women’s Bill of Rights” title as well, saying it was “part of a nationwide drive to embed biologically essentialist terminology in statute so that politicians have a basis to prohibit trans persons from public settings.”

Gov. Laura Kelly (D), who has previously vetoed legislation pertaining to biological sex definitions, is largely anticipated to veto the bill. A bill that sought to prohibit biological men from participating in women’s sports was vetoed by Kelly last year. The 2022 bill was defeated in the Senate but died because it lacked the necessary support in the House to override the veto.

While liberal states have sided with transgender activists and adopted diverse rules, conservative lawmakers have worked to pass laws that make biological sex the law of the land. A California congressman has filed a bill that would mandate gender-neutral restrooms in every K–12 institution, claiming it will “protect the well-being of our LGBTQ+ and non-binary children.”

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