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The Biden regime not only does not care about the horrific suffering of residents in East Palestine, Ohio they seem to revel in it.

Just remember, they refused outright assistance to the town for weeks.

The Daily Mail reported Saturday night that the EPA ordered Norfolk Southern to pause the clean up of the toxic train derailment that happened on February 3. The EPA claims the stop will be “temporary.”

The EPA had previously ordered Norfolk Southern to pay full the full costs associated with cleanup.

This heartless move comes as TGP’s Cristina Laila revealed earlier Saturday about East Palestine residents experiencing horrifying new symptoms resulting from the train derailment. One person reported his voice sounds like Mickey Mouse.

Residents previously mentioned they had rashes and headaches thanks to toxic chemicals.

Thousands of animals have also perished.

The Daily Mail reported

Federal environmental authorities have ordered a temporary halt in the shipment of contaminated waste from the site of a fiery train derailment earlier this month in eastern Ohio near the Pennsylvania state line.

Region 5 administrator Debra Shore of the Environmental Protection Agency said Saturday the agency ordered Norfolk Southern to ‘pause’ shipments from the site of the February 3 derailment in East Palestine but vowed that removal of the material would resume ‘very soon.’

‘Everyone wants this contamination gone from the community. They don’t want the worry, and they don’t want the smell, and we owe it to the people of East Palestine to move it out of the community as quickly as possible,’ Shore said.

Until Friday, Shore said, the rail company had been solely responsible for the disposal of the waste and supplied Ohio environmental officials with a list of selected and utilized disposal sites.

Going forward, disposal plans including locations and transportation routes for contaminated waste will be subject to EPA review and approval, she said.

The Ohio governor’s office said Saturday night that of the twenty truckloads (approximately 280 tons) of hazardous solid waste hauled away, 15 truckloads of contaminated soil was disposed of at a Michigan hazardous waste treatment and disposal facility while five truckloads had been returned to East Palestine.

Liquid waste already trucked out of East Palestine would be disposed of at a licensed hazardous waste treatment and disposal facility in Texas, but that facility would not accept more liquid waste, the Ohio governor’s office said.

‘Currently, about 102,000 gallons of liquid waste and 4,500 cubic yards of solid waste remain in storage on site in East Palestine, not including the five truckloads returned to the village,’ the governor’s office said. ‘Additional solid and liquid wastes are being generated as the cleanup progresses.’

No one should trust the Regime’s words of “assurance.” Their actions are a major reason the residents will end up having long-term health problems.

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