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Isn’t it amazing how when we had an “outsider” as president, we had a the best, most peaceful foreign policy ever, but when the old establishment guy got installed, we’re on the brink of WW3? And don’t think for one minute that it’s a coincidence. This is all by design. And now that we have social media, and we can all get together and talk, and share ideas and theories, and actually critique was is really going on, and the good news is that the Deep State has had a much harder time selling these pointless wars to the American people.

So, the Deep State is relying more than ever on propaganda and the media to get the job done and sell this nonsense to the American people and try to create this “wartime” excitement like they used to gin up in the old “weapons of mass destruction” days.

And trust me, nobody can drum up fear and propaganda like our CIA-run media.

From Warp News:

Angry headlines have increased dramatically in the last 20 years. So has headlines that with fear, sadness and disgust. Neutral headlines have decreased as well as headlines with joy.

In a new paper researchers David Rozado, Ruth Hughes and Jamin Halberstadt analyzed 47 million headlines in U.S. news media from 2000 to 2019. Over those 20 years, the headlines steadily have become more and more negative.

Fear in headlines has tripled
Headlines with fear in them have tripled. Headlines with anger have doubled. Disgust is up a third and sadness is up over 50 percent. Neutral headlines have decreased by 30 percent.

We all remember how CNN had the “Death Ticker” going 24/7 during the COVID “pandemic” which basically turned out to be a total farce. It was always a bad cold with a 99.8 survival rate that infected pretty much everyone, but was only dangerous for elderly, obese and people with comorbidities. The average death rate for COVID is 85.5. We were lied to about everything. Big time. And people’s lives were forever destroyed, and our media just keeps plugging along like they did nothing wrong.

They really wanted to get rid of Trump.

Doesn’t that infuriate you?

Our media is evil. And nobody knows that better than Julian Assange, who called out the media for helping the Deep State start their wars, stating that every major war has been started by the media’s lies.

You can watch the video below:

Julian Assange’s message about wars

— Antonio Sabato Jr (@AntonioSabatoJr) March 2, 2023

Julian really nailed it, didn’t he?

The media is desperately trying to do that right now, and what’s really scary is they don’t care that they’re marching us straight into WW3 with a major nuclear power.

That’s how evil and disgusting our media is.

Trump was 100 percent right when he called them the “enemy of the people.” That’s exactly what they are.

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