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Strange times. Turkey made its move on the eve of the NATO Summit by giving the green light for Sweden’s admission to Club NATO in exchange for Europe “promising” to let Turkey join the E.U. Erdogan reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in TITANIC — he’s running frantically to board an ill-fated ship. I don’t think this will have a good outcome for Erdogan or Turkey.

Then there is the news that Prigozhin and the commanders of Wagner had a three-hour sit-down with President Putin in the aftermath of the coup. This supports the hypothesis I raised early on about Prigozhin being a controlled asset of Russian intelligence.

This does not rule out the possibility that Prigozhin’s initial meeting with Western intelligence was an authentic, dastardly act of treason on his part. However, sometime after that, Russian intelligence let him know he was on the hook and he flipped back and became a double agent (i.e., convincing the West he was working for them while he was under the control of Russia).

If he keeps some of his wealth and continues to walk around without being whacked, then this undermines claim that he mutinied of his own volition and that Putin was caught unaware.

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