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John Kerry condemned fossil fuels during remarks at the 2023 Our Ocean Conference in Panama.

Biden’s so-called Climate Envoy John Kerry traveled all the way to Brazil and Panama this week to lecture on the virtues of making sacrifices to stop climate change.

John Kerry said we are facing a climate change crisis because of “how we live” and the choices we make on a daily basis.

“That crisis is caused by unabated emissions from fossil fuels that burn so that we can propel our vehicles, heat our homes, light our businesses,” John Kerry said.

These fossil fuels also power John Kerry’s private jets and heat his mansions.


In January John Kerry expressed that he was part of a “select group of human beings” who were called to save the planet.

Kerry is a pompous man who has always thought very highly of himself.

Rebel News reporters bombarded John Kerry with questions about his private jet usage at Davos.

John Kerry flies on private jets whilst lecturing the peasants on the virtues of making sacrifices to save the planet.

“I fly commercial exclusively!” Kerry shouted at a reporter who called him out for taking a private jet to scoop up a climate award.


Excellent work from Rebel News reporters who perfectly timed their barrage of questions to intercept a glum looking John Kerry in Davos.

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) January 19, 2023

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