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Joe Biden on Friday sat down for a one-on-one softball interview with ABC’s David Muir to discuss Russia, China, Ukraine, the impending nuclear war and scandals plaguing his adminsistration.

Biden was asked why so many Americans say they are much worse off financially than when he was elected.

According to a left-leaning ABC/WaPo poll, 41% of Americans feel worse off financially under the Biden Administration.

It’s much worse than what the left-leaning polls say.

Inflation rates are at 40-year highs.

30-year fixed mortgage rates are over 7.00%.

Inflation is outpacing wages.

Americans are suffering because of Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend policies.

But he says it’s the media’s fault for reporting on negative news.

“4 in 10 Americans say they’re worse off than when you were elected — only 16% said they’re better off. Why?” David Muir asked Biden.

Biden blamed the doom and gloom headlines.

“You make the ne — I mean you interview for the news. Can you think of anything turn on the television and go, ‘God, that makes me feel good?’” Biden said.


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