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Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, apparently desperate for whatever attention she can get these days, wants to change Massachusetts’ state flag because of “white supremacy culture.”

Granted, this has a 1/1,024th chance of succeeding, at least in the immediate future — but, in a scathing segment on his Fox News show after Warren’s statement, host Jesse Watters said the kerfuffle was more proof “she’s not a real leader.”

According to Fox News, Massachusetts’ junior senator and the OG Rachel Dolezal was asked by reporters about a resolution pushed by locals in the small town of Newburyport, Massachusetts, to force the City Council there to pressure the state to replace the flag and seal.

The Daily News of Newburyport reported Monday that local resident Marianna Vesey, who helped push the resolution, said the state seal depicts a “colonializing and violent depiction that is really supporting the fact that white people are in charge of this world and that we have to subdue the Native American people.”

“One of the reasons that we can ignore this so easily is that our white supremacy culture has really allowed for the disappearance of the Native American world,” Vesey said. “We’re really trying to say that they are not gone. They are here among us and we really need to, not only recognize that, but to honor it.”

“It’s all part of that racist culture that we’re finally trying to address,” she added.

The flag and seal depict a Native American holding a bow and arrow on its crest. Above it is a bent arm with a sword.

Elizabeth Warren says she is on board with changing the Massachusetts flag. Maybe because is doesn’t have Pocahontas on it…

— Freyja (@FreyjaTarte) March 9, 2023

For Warren, fake Native American that she is, this is outrageous.

“There are people who are reconsidering the flag in Massachusetts, and I support those efforts,” she told reporters.

On his Thursday show, Watters noted just how thoroughly Fauxcahontas had beclowned herself as he explained the history of the flag.

As Watters noted, the bent arm with the sword doesn’t symbolize colonial oppression over the Native Americans. Instead, it was supposed to “represent the fight against British tyranny.”

“We’ve also got a Latin saying that means, ‘By the sword, we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.” (“Ense petit placidam sub libertate quietem” — the literal translation, according to Just the News, is, “She seeks with the sword a quiet peace under liberty,” but the colloquial translation Watters cited is effectively accurate.)

“Again, referring to the yoke of British colonialism,” Watters said. “Now, I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Watters, what’s racist about that?’ Well, obviously people see white supremacy here because they see a sword dangling above a Native American’s head.”

The Fox News host then pointed out that the people taking the Massachusetts flag so literally are the same people who got behind the “Embrace” statue in Boston celebrating the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.:

A statue in tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. was unveiled in Boston

Someone approved and cut a $10 million check for this unfortunate attempt

— OldTimeHardball (@OleTimeHardball) January 14, 2023

“Have they seen the new Martin Luther King statue in Boston, by the way?” Watters quipped. “Does that look historically accurate to you? I mean, it looks like two hands holding a giant — well.”

What’s more, Watters pointed out, Warren “has literally been standing in front of that flag for 10 years. She was proudly debating in front of the state flag in 2018. But now, Native American Liz Warren thinks it’s offensive to Native Americans?”

“What took her so long to recognize the offense?” he asked. “Did the Massachusetts state flag change in the past 10 years? No. The same symbol has been on the flag for the past 243 years.

“But now we have a problem. Pocahontas is faking being upset because, well, she’s not really an Indian and she’s not a leader. She’s just trying to follow whatever the woke mob wants. And people are out of their mind.”

Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren wants to change her state’s flag #FoxNews

— Jesse Watters Primetime (@jesseprimetime) March 9, 2023

And Watters is giving her too much credit here. This is Newburyport, Massachusetts — a town of 18,197 people that is being used as a vehicle for a proposal being pushed by two activists who seem thoroughly schooled in wokespeak but clueless when it comes to history.

This is all it takes for Elizabeth Warren to suddenly decide her own state flag — the state flag she’s stood in front of on innumerable occasions and never spoken out against — needs to be thrown on the ash heap of history because it represents white supremacy.

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She’ll follow whatever small group of malcontents wants to lead her over the leftist cliff, just so long as it burnishes her woke bona fides. This is the exact opposite of leadership.

What’s more, the argument for ditching the flag doesn’t make a single bit of sense.

Heck, it doesn’t even make 1/1,024th of a bit of sense, either. That means not even Liz Warren can claim it makes sense, at least by her own low, warped standards of validity.

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