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Ai Hashimoto, Image: @ai__hashimoto/Instagram


The West is not the only part of the world subjected to the woke requirements of the radical left.

Japanese actress Ai Hashimoto is under fire for daring to suggest that public bathrooms should be separated by biological sex.

To Prevent Further Confusion We Deleted the Previous Post

Japanese Actress Ai Hashimoto was attacked by activists after posting concerns of transwomen coming to women’s toilets/baths on instagram to the point where she deleted the post & apologized

— packergirl (@p9cker_girl) March 11, 2023

Here a translation for it.

— セリエマ (@seri3ma) March 11, 2023


Image: @seri3ma/Twitter


Bounding into Comics shares:

The uproar against the Sadako 3D and 21st Century Girl star was first sparked on March 4th when, in a post made to the her personal Instagram ‘Story’ (as translated by Twitter user @seri3ma and Yandex and further refined by Bounding Into Comics for clarity), she expressed her opinion that “it would be better to have public places like bathing and restrooms separated according to one’s biological sex.”

“Perhaps for LGBTQ+ people, they may feel like they are forced to endure and this makes my heart hurt to imagine,” acknowledged Hashimoto. “But as a woman, I would be very wary and fearful if I were physically encounter a male person in a public facility where I would not be able to talk and communicate with the other person. No matter what gender of mind they are. I don’t even want to hurt them with that kind of attitude.”

“The LGBTQ+ community has been very supportive of this issue, especially women,” she added. “I hope that you raise your voice that there is a high risk for sexual assault. I am deeply grateful for that support because I see it.”

Hashimoto faced backlash from Japan’s transgender activists who branded her a “transphobic bigot.”

She was forced to walk back her original comments and posted, “Even if I have no hate feelings, even if I have said after thinking about the feeling of everyone, I have unintendedly (sic) ended up hurting the feelings of other people. I will not make the same mistake again. This event has taught me, thank you. For the people who have been hurt by it, I’m sorry.”


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