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Police have identified the man who shot and killed at least eight people Saturday in a mall in Allen, Texas.

Mauricio Garcia was living in a motel at the time of the shooting, CBS reported, adding that Garcia worked as a security guard.

The shooting left seven people injured, according to The New York Times.

Garcia was shot dead after an Allen police officer who was at the mall on other business heard the shots being fired and killed Garcia, according to Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey

According to a CNN report, the gunman was wearing black body armor at the time of the incident and carried extra magazines on his chest.

Citing what it called a senior law enforcement source, CNN reported that in addition to the rifle used in the shooting, Garcia had a second weapon with him in the mall and other weapons in his vehicle.

Garcia underwent firearms proficiency training for his security work, CNN reported citing the Texas Online Private Security database.

Garcia’s approval to work as a security guard lapsed after 2020.

Geoffrey Keaton told the Times he was eating lunch with his 16-year-old daughter when he heard shots.

“I immediately knew. I got my baby girl under the counter to shield her, and then they got louder, like he was right there,” he said.

Keaton said the manager of the Fatburger where they were eating let customers hide, then exit through a rear door.

“You could see bodies of people he had shot on the sidewalk,” Keaton said.

Video of the incident has been posted to Twitter.

WARNING: The following video contains violent images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Live footage of the Mass shooting at Allen Premium Outlets Mall in Allen Texas.

— FIDEL CACHE FLOW (@FidelCacheFlow) May 6, 2023

“We all want the victims and their families impacted by this tragedy to know that we will wrap our arms around you, and we are here for you,” Allen Mayor Ken Fulk said. “We know you are grieving. We are grieving. Rest assured, the nation and the world are also grieving. Allen is a proud and safe city, which makes today’s senseless act of violence even more shocking.”

Allen police do not “hesitate to move toward the threat,” he said, indicating the response saved lives.

Steven Spainhouer, a former police officer, said he arrived after the shooting to try to help victims, according to NBC.

“The trail of blood from where the victims were laying to the police car will stick in my head forever,” he said.

One victim died while Spainhouer was performing CPR.

“There was nothing I could do,” he said.

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