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Erin Brockovich, a well-known activist, has joined the crowd looking into the train derailment-turned environmental catastrophe in East Palestine, Ohio. She has stated that she thinks President Joe Biden’s administration is concealing something from the American people.

Brockovich, who has previously discussed her interviews with those who were directly impacted by the derailment, subsequent flames, and explosion with CNN and MSNBC, said on Friday on Fox News with Tucker Carlson that Biden’s response to the catastrophe has fallen far short of what it ought to be. And to make matters worse, she claimed, the locals think that the president has abandoned them, leaving them on their own.


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“It’s been almost a month and they still don’t have any responses. Something has obviously gone horribly wrong out here, Brockovich said. “I’ve been down here on the ground, and people are genuinely angry about why they don’t think their administration or agencies are concerned about what’s happening in the community. As a result, it is clear that they are both frightened and afraid of going unnoticed.

Brockovich was asked by Carlson to go into further detail, and she appeared to reinforce her belief that the Biden administration was withholding certain details from the public.

There is, indeed. And it’s like, “Oh my God, come on,” I mean. We’re outside, I see. 44,000 dead fish? What gives? We’ve witnessed them. Today, they were out here aerating the creeks, as we witnessed. They are taking things away. The wellheads are secured by locks. Why is that? Brockovich went on to say that it was comparable to coal miners maintaining a “canary in the mine shaft” to test the quality of the air they were breathing.

The canary is sent down there and it perishes. Perhaps harmful to humans You have dead fish, which may not be healthy for people. You have deceased animals, which may not be healthy for people. You’ve horribly misled this community with your message. ingest the water. Avoid consuming the water. Safe. Not secure, she continued. “It’s – It’s incredibly aggravating and horribly confusing to them. And something has gone wrong in this situation. The narrative will continue to develop because more information is still pending.

She responded by explaining that some water sources had been shut despite assurances that they were secure when Carlson questioned her for clarification on what she meant when she claimed the wellheads had been secured.

“Well, so, the water fountains in the schools are locked, and the private wells around here have locks on them. Hence, they are plainly — come on. You don’t need to lock up a drinking fountain if there isn’t a problem. There is no need to aerate the system. And you can convince me that nothing is wrong all day long. But I, I understand what’s happening here, she said. You won’t “gaslight” me, I promise.

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