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Rep. Chip Roy reveals the dirty secret about the Ukraine funding.

Your taxpayer dollars down the drain–

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX): God bless the former president. He’s sitting there between like jury pools getting selected there in New York before this radical DA which is completely unlawful, a complete violation of norms stretching a federal crime into a state crime. It’s all a sham we all get all that. And the president, to take the time, breaking between all of that nonsense to make this statement is really important. He believes, as I do, that sure there’s a world in which you could figure out making sure there’s appropriate lethal aid, if they’re actually lethal aid.

But I want everybody out there in the audience to remember, the $113 billion. I want to repeat, the $113 billion that’s already been appropriated for Ukraine – Only $44 to $47 billion of that, two different reports I’ve seen, is lethal aid. So what was the other $66 to $69 billion dollars for? If they had held that back and used it responsibly, then maybe they’d still have money to come over and try to buy the stuff they need. I don’t want to get into the details in terms of classified stuff, but the stuff that they need to continue to fight.

So that’s what they did. And so now we’re trying to be responsible. We want to secure the border… So the President (Trump) is exactly right. Don Jr is exactly right. This is a complete capitulation by the speaker. It’s completely irresponsible.

And no audits of the US funding.

This could be one of the greatest financial frauds in US history – Next to the Biden COVID assistance fraud.

Via The War Room.

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