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The House Oversight and Accountability Committee is broadening its investigation into the disastrous troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 under the Biden administration. The committee demanded any documents pertaining to the Biden administration’s military and diplomatic withdrawal from Afghanistan in letters to senior officials at the White House, Department of Defense (DOD), Department of State, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Agency for International Development, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Since August 2021, Republicans on the oversight committee have been seeking information about the Afghanistan fiasco, but the Biden administration is allegedly still obstructing legislative and Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) oversight.

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The congressmen expressed worry in their letter, saying, “We are worried that the Biden administration continues to postpone long overdue clarity to the American people concerning the disastrous Afghanistan retreat and evacuation.”

Republicans criticized the fact that the Afghan War Commission, which was established by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for fiscal year 2022, has not met and would not deliver a report for three years, as being “unacceptable.”

Those letters are in rebuttal to a number of Republican actions during the previous Congress. After sending the Biden administration over ten separate requests for documents and information, Republicans allege they have not received a “substantive response.”

By March 3, Republicans are requesting new information and documents from agency heads, including, among other things, information on the closure of Bagram Airfield, communications with NATO leaders regarding troop drawdown, inter-agency records, contingency plans for the withdrawal, and the posture of terrorist organizations in the months prior to the withdrawal.

According to a statement made by Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.), “the Biden Administration was terribly unprepared for the Afghanistan exit and their policies in the region directly resulted in a national security and humanitarian catastrophe.”

“Americans were abandoned, taxpayer money is missing, U.S. service members died, the Taliban gained access to military hardware, the advancement of Afghan women was halted, and the entire region is now under the hostile Taliban rule.

“The Biden administration’s continued stymieing of this probe is unconscionable, and the American people deserve answers. Republicans in charge of oversight are committed to delivering information, accountability, and transparency. It is expected that all pertinent departments and organizations will cooperate and supply all needed data. The people of America want nothing less.

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