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Philadelphia, PA- An incredibly disturbing video surfaced last Wednesday showing a group of teens savagely assaulting a helpless man at Temple University.

The video shows the teens knocking the man to the ground and proceeding to kick and punch him for roughly ten seconds. While the assault in progress, the two security guards present refused to intercede.

Two brave students then finally intervened and chased away the attackers.



NEW VIDEO: Man is beaten and robbed at Broad and Cecil B Moore by a group of juveniles @TempleUniv

Allegedly occurred today around 4pm

— PhillyCrimeUpdate (@PhillyCrimeUpd) February 16, 2023

Much like the rest of Philadelphia, violent crime is an ongoing crisis at Temple. Worse, there is no one on campus willing to protect the students.

The students are angry and frightened over the negligent security.

FOX29 News reported:

Disturbing video obtained by FOX 29 shows what appears to be a random, unprovoked attack at one of the busiest intersections on Temple University’s campus, while two security officers appear to be present.

The video shows a group swarming a man by the SEPTA station at Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue and start attacking him Wednesday afternoon, just before 5 p.m.

Students first saw it on the “Keep Us Safe TU” Instagram page.

“I shouldn’t be finding out attacks from an Instagram page,” student Allison O’Toole said.

Student Carmen Dephillippo added, “It was terrible and frightening. As you can see, there are a ton of students. This is a direct walkway to our campus.”

The video shows the brutal attack ends seconds later when two people appear to intervene, one pushing at least one of the attackers away.

A wider shot shows two people in neon jackets. Temple University says they are Allied Universal security officers that serve as eyes and ears.

Freshman Veronica Rin and her friend, Nate, were the two to jump in.

“Yesterday was a joke,” Veronica stated. “Two students, two young adults that don’t have any experience dealing with public discourse or violence had to do jobs of two people that probably have much more training or experience than either of us did.”

Strategy talks with all law enforcement, including Philly police, are ongoing.

“Something needs to be done. I should’ve never been in that situation,” Rin said.

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