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It is not every day a hit-and-run accident involves a house, but that was the case recently in Queensland, Australia.

A homeowner captured the incident on his security camera and shared it on Facebook with his private North Lakes Community Facebook group. Yahoo News Australia then picked up the tale.

At about 2:30 p.m. Feb. 26, the camera picked up a silver Hyundai zipping past the house. Then it stopped.

The reason for what came next is in the mind of the beholder, whether it was incompetence at the wheel or a driver with malice aforethought.

The camera showed the car go into reverse on the street and then drive up the home’s driveway.

But it did not stop, instead crashing into a column by the front door and doing some significant damage, as you can see in the Yahoo story.

Undaunted, or perhaps in a hurry before someone should notice, the car then backed out of the driveway and headed off in the opposite direction from which it had come, apparently hoping to outrun any responsibility for what had just taken place.

“This fool drove into my house and drove away not knowing he was captured on camera. Police notified,” the homeowner posted on the Facebook group, which is private. The owner rents the home and said online that he did not know the driver.

Users in the group cried foul at the fast getaway.

“They don’t even hesitate… Just drive off! Who does that!” one user wrote.

“That’s messed up,” another said.

“Omg!! I cant even believe what I just watched. Thats some damage to the house! Has to be someone the tenants or previous tenants know,” a third said.

Others were surprised the video did not more damage to the car.

CCTV in Australia has been known to record some curious things for posterity, such as a man who took a shower in a car wash a couple of years back and another man who battled a kangaroo.

But having a car smash your house and drive off is no laughing matter, as Katie Startin of Coventry, England, experienced in November when a car slammed into the brick wall of her garden, according to the Coventry Telegraph.

The 5:10 a.m. incident was recorded on her video doorbell.  The car plowed into her wall, backed away and then drove off.

Are we in the age of evading responsibility when things go wrong?

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“I felt like our home had been violated. Had they confessed and apologised it would feel different but given their only response was to flee the scene, they were more concerned about themselves than our home,” she said.

“It’s just more proof of how selfish our society is becoming,” Startin said. “There was some damage to other cars on the road that night as well and a broken wing mirror has been recovered.

“I’ve contacted everyone locally to check if they have more footage.”

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