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Well, we have more news to report on the Idaho murders. It appears that Brian’s “alleged” motive is becoming rather clear. Police are now saying that they found photos of one of the girls on Brian’s phone, which suggests that he was obsessed with one of them.

If I had to play out in my mind what happened, I think it went down like this: At around 4-something in the morning, dark-haired victim Xana opened the front door to get her food delivery. And THAT is how I think Brian entered the house. I think the two of them tussled a bit – and that’s the noise surviving roommate Dylan heard. I think it was Xana, not Kaylee who shouted “Somebody’s here,” something else Dylan reported. I think Brian quickly got a hold of Xana and covered her mouth before she could scream, but she was able to whimper (again, something else Dylan heard). I think he grabbed her and said, “Don’t worry I will take care of you,” Dylan also reported hearing a “male voice” say that. I think Brian then forced her back into her room, and was likely shocked to see her boyfriend Ethan. He likely killed her quickly, then crept over and killed a (reportedly intoxicated) unsuspecting Ethan in his sleep.

After that, I think he made his way upstairs to kill whomever he was obsessed with, and upon looking for the girl, he found TWO girls one bed – Kaylee and Maddie. I think he quietly entered the room and killed Maddie first, and she screamed, (which is what the neighbor heard) and then Kaylee woe up, and fought back, but was eventually killed as well.

The question now is, who was he obsessed with, Kaylee or Maddie?

We know Kaylee felt that she had a “stalker” watching her. There are conflicting reports on that. Early on, police made it seem a if the “stalker” was checked out and dismissed. But that could have just been a ploy by cops to throw Brian off the scent, or maybe bad reporting.

We also heard that Brian frequented the restaurant where Maddie worked.

So, it’s anybody’s guess at this point.

People Magazine reported that the man accused of killing four University of Idaho students last November allegedly had pictures of one of the female victims on his phone, a source familiar with the investigation tells PEOPLE.

A phone that belonged to Bryan Kohberger was collected after his arrest. According to the source, authorities found pictures of the victim on the device. The source did not specify whether they were photos that he had taken of her or if they were downloaded from her social media.

“He had more than one picture of her,” the source says. “It was clear that he was paying attention to her.”

Madison Mogen, 21, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Xana Kernodle, 20, and Ethan Chapin, 20, were all stabbed to death in an off-campus rental home in Moscow, Idaho, on Nov. 13. A masked intruder entered the home and killed the four students with a fixed-blade knife.

More than a month later, authorities arrested Kohberger, a 28-year-old graduate student and teaching assistant at Washington State University. He was charged with four counts of murder and one count of felony burglary.

Kohberger was arrested at his parents’ Pennsylvania home on December 30. He waived his extradition to Idaho, meaning he voluntarily agreed to return to the state to face the charges against him. He was transported back to Idaho on Jan. 4.

Very creepy. We’ll know soon enough what really happened and who he was targeting.

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