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We all knew that John Fetterman was not capable of serving in the US Senate. You didn’t even have to watch the PA campaign that closely to realize it. He made Joe Biden look like a wordsmith. The man nearly died from a stroke not too long ago, and Dems propped him up, and dragged him around the campaign trail like a rag doll, and half the time it didn’t even look or sound like he knew where he was, or what he was doing. It was actually sad to watch, and his wife, Gisele, kept pushing him. And all the while she had to know he should be at home, resting, under a doctors care. I mean, if I knew that, and I was watching on TV, she really had to know, right?

But like Jill, her lust for power overtook everything and she had to get her confused, sickly hubby into that Senate seat no matter what – because rumor has it, when he steps down, after it becomes clear he can’t serve, she will take over his seat.

A perfect “bait and switch.”

And the people of PA (along with a lot of ballot harvesting) made it happen.

Now, we’re learning that Fetterman is struggling to adjust to life on the Senate floor. When people talk, he can’t understand them, they sound all muffled and strange. And last week he was hospitalized and his chief of staff admitted he might have “permanent brain damage.”

See, they can say all of this now, because their plan worked. But if you said this during the campaign, you were chastised and called names.

So, he spent a couple of days in the hospital, and now, he just checked himself into Walter Reed hospital, to be treated for clinical depression.

BREAKING: John Fetterman’s office says that he checked himself into Walter Reed to be treated for clinical depression.

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) February 16, 2023

Here’s a closeup of the statement:

I’m sorry, but his wife is an evil, heartless, disgusting monster. She makes Jill – the “elder abuser” look like “wife of the year.”

Mark my words, this woman will be sitting in her husband’s Senate seat a lot sooner than any of us realize… another “election” scam success for the Dems.

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