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Fox News doesn’t want you to know that they’re outright banning Trump from the network. But they are. Right now it’s called a “soft ban” and they think they’ll be able to keep you fooled with this nonsense. This is the Murdcoch family (and their buddy Paul Ryan) doing their part to get DeSantis front and center. It’s all part of the establishment plan to once and for all destroy Trump and take down MAGA, by using DeSantis to beat him in the primary. So, this “soft ban” is part of that.

Of course, they won’t ever admit it, but we can all see it happening, he was once a Fox News “darling” and now he’s not even on the network anymore.

Semafor reported that Donald Trump, who once dominated the Fox News broadcasts, is now running into a brick wall with what four members of his circle say is a “soft ban” from the top of the conservative news channel, as it rolls out the red carpet to even the low-profile rival candidates.

“Everyone knows that there’s this ‘soft ban’ or ‘silent ban,’” one source close to Trump told Semafor. “It’s certainly — however you want to say, quiet ban, soft ban, whatever it is — indicative of how the Murdochs feel about Trump in this particular moment.”

In recent months, 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls have been seen almost daily on the network, pitching themselves to its vast conservative audience. According to Media Matters’ internal database of cable news appearances, Nikki Haley’s been featured on weekday Fox News shows seven times since announcing her presidential bid on February 14. Even the little known fund manager Vivek Ramaswamy, who announced on February 21, has made four weekday appearances. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is widely expected to run, has been all over the network in recent days.

Trump hasn’t been on Fox News since announcing his presidential bid in November. His last weekday appearance on the network was in September with host Sean Hannity. During that interview, Trump said a president could declassify documents “by thinking about it.”

One Trump official told Semafor that the former president plans to push for appearances on the network in the coming months as the campaign ramps up.

I can’t stand Fox New, I think they’re dirtier than CNN, because they pretend to be on our side, when they’re not. With Roger Ails gone, they’re nothing more than establishment shills now, and the last thing they want is another Trump run, even though it’d be GREAT for their ratings.

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