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In April Fox News reached a settlement with Dominion Voting Systems on the first day of the trial.

“The parties have resolved their case,” Delaware Superior Court judge Eric Davis told the court Tuesday afternoon.

Dominion sued Fox News for $1.6 billion over ‘false election rigging claims.’

The settlement totals more than $787 million, according to Dominion lawyer Justin Nelson.
This may have been the WORST lawyering in the history of lawyering.

Dominion lawyer Nelson made these comments following the agreement, “The truth matters, lies have consequences,” Nelson said.

“Over two years ago, a torrent of lies swept Dominion and election officials across America into an alternative universe of conspiracy theories, causing grievous harm,” he added.


“Money is accountability and we got that today from Fox,” says one of Dominion’s lawyers.

Voting machine company Dominion has agreed a $787.5m settlement in its defamation lawsuit with Fox News and parent company Fox Corp.

Sky 501 / YouTube

— Sky News (@SkyNews) April 18, 2023

Since the agreement was announced FOX News fired Tucker Carlson, lost at least half of its audience, and watched left-wing publications leak out Tucker Carlson videos that were captured during discovery in the lawsuit.

Now FOX News is threatening to kill the deal after the Tucker Carlson videos were released to the public.

The Daily Mail reported:

Fox News demanded that Dominion Voting Systems conduct an internal investigation to determine whether it was responsible for the leak of damning text messages sent by former anchor Tucker Carlson.

Recently, Fox wrote Dominion saying evidence documents it provided to the company during recent litigation had been ‘disclosed to media organizations and published for mass consumption.’

Fox asked Dominion to launch an internal probe to ‘investigate and confirm that you are not the source of these improper disclosures.’ The outlet wrote that if Dominion were behind the leak, it would violate ‘the text and spirit of the parties agreement,’ according to The Hill.

In April, Fox agreed to pay Dominion a $787 million defamation settlement over false claims the outlet pushed about the integrity of the company’s voting machines during the 2020 presidential election.

Some of Carlson’s messages provided to Dominion during legal proceedings had previously been released, but since the settlement was announced, a number of unreleased and redacted messages – were leaked to the media.

Those messages included Carlson telling a producer that a video of three people attacking a victim around January 6, 2021, were not ‘how white men fight.’

Another leak included texts showing Carlson had used the ‘C-word’ to refer to a colleague.

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