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It’s no secret that conservatives have been shadow-banned and throttled all over the social media landscape. It’s happening on all the major platforms, including Twitter, even though Elon Musk took over. Sadly, there’s still some bad apples in the bunch who are spoiling everything. So, it’s understandable that many people are not getting the type of engagement that they’re used to or that they should get, given the type of accounts they have. With that said, many people are still getting some traction, especially if you have a blue check and if you have a big account.

Again, you’re probably getting hit with bans, but you’re still pulling in some semi-decent numbers.

For example, Joe Kent has 150K followers, and this pro-Trump tweet of his earned over 10K retweets in this murky algorithm.

This random Twitter user has 28K followers and his pro-Trump video got 76 retweets and 358 “likes.” Not bad in this climate, and he doesn’t even have a blue check.

Alyx got over 1300 retweets for this beauty. He has about 355K followers.

So, the point is that while yes, people are throttled, if you put out good content and say interesting stuff that people want to hear or learn about, your tweets will likely break through and get decent or good engagement.

However, if you’re putting out tweets that nobody wants to hear and you sound like a crackpot, chances are you won’t get engagement, no matter what you do. And that’s exactly what appears to be happening to former Trump supporter turned “DeSantis” groupie, Bill Mitchell.

A few weeks back, Bill Mitchell announced he was off the Trump train for good. And since that happened, he’s very aggressively and obsessively been shilling for “DeSantis 2024.” But it hasn’t gone as Bill probably expected. As a result of his stalker-like “man love” for the Florida governor, who’s being backed by NeverTrumpers and GOP establishment, engagement has gone down the preverbal crapper on Bill’s Twitter page.

Bill Mitchell has nearly 500K followers – now, I don’t know how many of those he may have purchased back in the day, but still, he’s got a lot of people following him.

So, you’d think that he’d have at least some decent engagement numbers, like the examples I showed you above.

But that’s not the case for TDS Bill.

Hours after tweeting his anti-Trump “pro-DeSantis” rants, Bill is sitting there, all alone, with about 3 retweets.

Ouch! How embarrassing.


Of course, it didn’t help Bill’s cause that he was accused of swindling MAGA supporters out of tens of thousands of dollars right before he was suspended by Twitter a couple of years back.


Bill Mitchell’s trending for becoming a DeSantis guy. I thought it’d be good to remind you of his sketchy FL “condo purchase” scandal.

I made this video years ago to alert MAGA to this potential grifter under my @RightHookUSA account, which Bill mass reported & got suspended.

— Amy Moreno (@VivaLaAmes11) January 31, 2023

At one time, this guy was a popular, top choice for people to follow on Twitter.

But now, after dumping Trump and pushing so hard for this “DeSantis fantasy,” he’s basically alienated most everyone.

What’s very disheartening is that this entire “DeSantis 2024” movement is very divisive on so many fronts, yet is being pushed by people who many trusted at one point. Really makes you wonder what’s going on, doesn’t it?

But the good news is that people can see right through this nonsense – and Bill’s embarrassing and low-engagement Twitter account is a perfect example of that.

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