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Former “trans kid” Chloe Cole has filed a lawsuit against Kaiser Permanente for providing her with inappropriate gender hormone therapies and surgical procedures.

The 18-year-old is being represented by the Center for American Liberty and Harmeet Dhillon of the Dhillon Law Group.

Working with our colleagues at LiMandri & Jonna (@PaulJonna), we @Liberty_Ctr sued Kaiser on behalf of @ChoooCole for pushing her into medical mutilation instead of properly treating her. Lawsuit at this link:

— Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) February 23, 2023

The lawsuit alleges that as a child, she was coerced into undergoing a gender transition — which included being placed on puberty blockers, hormones, and having her healthy breasts removed.

“At just 9 years old, Chloe began suffering from gender dysphoria. She first expressed her struggle with gender dysphoria to her pediatrician when she was 12 years old,” the Center for American Liberty said in a statement. “Then, under the advice and supervision of medical professionals, Chloe was coerced into undergoing a ‘gender transition.’ Between the ages of 13 and 16 years old, physicians placed Chloe on puberty blockers, off-label cross-sex hormone treatment, and performed a double mastectomy on her to remove her breasts.”

“Doctors told Chloe and her parents that Chloe’s gender dysphoria would never resolve itself,” the statement continued. “That was a lie. They also told Chloe and her parents that Chloe was at a high risk for suicide unless she socially and medically transitioned. Chloe’s doctors told her parents, ‘would you rather have a dead daughter or a live son?’ That was a lie too.”

By the time she reached 18, Cole’s struggles with gender identity had resolved themself and she wanted to go back to being a normal girl — but she had already received irreversible procedures. The Center for American Liberty said that doctors never once informed her or her parents of non-invasive psychological or psychiatric counseling options.

“Instead, her doctors concealed treatment options from her and fraudulently informed her that the only way to resolve her gender dysphoria was to undergo a physical, chemical, and social transition to a male role,” the organization said. “And the result of their concealment—their fraud—is a lifetime of irreversible physical and psychological damage to Chloe.”

As an outspoken de-transitioner, Cole has been the target of extreme rage from those who support these procedures being done on children.

“It’s purely about politics,” Ebony Harper, executive director of California TRANScends, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “These people do not give a f– about these children. Chloe is just a pawn.”

In a statement obtained by the Chronicle, Kaiser said its transgender services are “consistent with the standards of medical care and excellence.”

“Our physicians and care teams, including our multi-disciplinary team of gender-affirming care experts, practice compassionate, evidence-based medicine founded on sound research and best medical practices to provide comprehensive services based on the individual needs of each patient,” Kaiser stated. “The care decisions always rest with the patient and their parents, and, in every case, we respect the patients’ and their families’ informed decisions about their personal health.”

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