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For weeks now J6 activists urged The Gateway Pundit to contact and interview Jeffrey McKellop. Jeffrey is a decorated former 3rd Special Forces Group soldier and US government contractor. Jeffrey McKellop is currently being held as a political prisoner of the Biden regime after he served his country for 22 years of military service.

Jeffrey has been silenced by his government. After his arrest in March 2021, Jeffrey delved into video footage and documented evidence from January 6. Jeffrey was able to identify numerous government informants and agitators in the massive Trump crowd that day.  After he put together his evidence, he sent it out to numerous contacts. That was when the FBI came into his prison cell and took his research. They then attempted to silence him and banned him from phone and mail privileges.

Jeffrey lost everything since he was thrown into prison. All of his earthly possessions were taken from him after he was incarcerated by the government he served.

Jeffrey’s trial is scheduled to start in April, 2023. He has been in prison for over three years. He was arrested on March 17, 2021.

This week a federal judge delayed his trial once again.

Last year Jeffrey McKellop called The Gateway Pundit. We had a long conversation. And we were blown away. Jeffrey McKellop dropped BOMB after BOMB!

Jeffrey came from abject poverty and abuse and ran away from home as a young teen. But he did not let this hold him down. Jeffrey focused on himself and became a decorated Special Forces Group soldier. What a story he has to tell! Hopefully, someday we can all hear it in person.

** Please donate here to Jeffrey McKellop’s GiveSendGo account.

This was one of the most explosive interviews TGP has had with a DC Gulag political prisoner. Jeffrey is bright, honest, and brave.

Jeffrey’s background enabled him to see the crowd control and horrible police abuse from that day. And Jeffrey is not afraid to name names.

Jeffrey say what he witnessed on January 6 was an all-out assault on humanity.

Please take the time to listen to what Jeffrey McKellop has to say about January 6 – the greatest government set-up in American history.

Jeffrey asked if we could post his fundraiser page so he can help his children. The government took everything from this American patriot.

** Please donate here to Jeffrey McKellop’s GiveSendGo account.

Here is our earlier interview with Jeffrey McKellop.

Earlier this week we were sent an update from Jeffrey McKellop. In his latest update Jeffrey describes the horrific abuse he has been put through while in prison.

I can back up all abuse by the facility with, “Grievances” that I filed and kept. I kept half of them. The other half went to Attorney John Kiyonaga.

I was sent to, “South One” ( The Hole), the 1st time. For one month. I had no idea why, and they wouldn’t tell me. Then a marshal came to my cell one day. “Why are you here?” I have no idea. He left. Came back two weeks later. ” I found out why you’re here?” OK? “You assaulted people.” I asked for a copy of the body cam footage, the paperwork, and witness statements. I received nothing. I spent another 28 days in Solitary confinement for COVID. Never took a test. I spent another month in the hole for no reason. No one came to visit me there. I spent another Month in the hole. Cpt Saunders had me sent there for verbal abuse and physical contact. No proof of anything. I was pulled from my cell 2100, one night for, Suicide Watch.” I asked why am I being pulled out? ‘ I don’t know, and we are being told to take you to medical.” I get to medical. ” I understand you want to hurt yourself or someone else?” How and who told you this? What information do you have on my history of this? Nothing. Got back to cell. Two weeks later, Same thing. They are building a history of this. I tried to tell Kiyonaga, but he wouldn’t look into it. Another two weeks in the hole for COVID again. I can’t remember the exact dates. But this stuff went on and on. They were building cases on all of us.

I’ve been called: White Boy, Honkey, Cracker, White Mother Fuc#er, Trumper, Bit#$, “I’m going to Fu$% you with my big black Di#$.” On an on an on. I told Kiyonaga about all this. Nothing was done.
Names of MPD/Capitol Police: Thau, Tindal, Crisman, Horos, Bagshaw, Augustine, Edward, Riley, Allen, Hawkins, Harding, Lambardini, Lynn, Petera, Smiley, Morris, Hodges, Powell, Fanone. These are just a few. I use to have Body cam numbers as well as times/ accounts of actions these disposable douche bags.

I will stand before the eyes of the World and point fingers!!!

This sounds like a living hell.

Please keep Jeffrey McKellop in your prayers and please donate to Jeffrey if you can.
God bless this man.

Here is the full document.

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