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A Florida GOP state lawmaker on Tuesday pitched a bill that would eliminate the Democrat party.

“The Ultimate Cancel Act,” filed by state Senator Blaise Ingoglia, would “cancel” any filing by any political party that supported slavery during the Civil War.

“The Democrat party adopted pro-slavery stances in their party platforms and this bill says that if you have done that in the past, then the Secretary of State shall de-certify and get rid of the party,” Ingoglia said.

Nikki Fried, the chairwoman of the Florida Democrat Party, lashed out at Ingoglia for speaking the truth about the Democrat party’s past.

Republicans want to cancel every culture except conspiracy rage fascism.

— Nikki Fried (@NikkiFried) March 1, 2023

NBC News reported:

A Republican in Florida’s state Legislature has filed a bill that, if enacted, would eliminate the Florida Democratic Party.

“The Ultimate Cancel Act,” filed on Tuesday by state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia, would require the state’s Division of Elections to “immediately cancel” the filings of any political party whose platform had “previously advocated for, or been in support of, slavery or involuntary servitude.”

The bill, called S.B. 1248, would require Florida officials to notify all registered voters who belong to any canceled parties that their party no longer exists. It would also change their voter registration to “no party affiliation” and “provide procedures” for those voters to update their affiliation to “an active political party.”

The bill would allow any canceled political parties to re-register with the Florida Department of State — but only under the condition that the party change its name to something “substantially different from the name of any other party previously registered” with the agency.

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